3 Ways to Style Distressed Jeans

With the Spring well underway and the Summer season approaching, there’s nothing more appropriate than a pair of distressed denim. A simple cut out or slight fraying can take a simple pair of jeans to new levels. They DISPLAY the right amount of style while providing slight airflow during the warmer seasons. I simply can’t get enough. I literally went through my denim collection recently and realized that ninety percent were distressed. I guess it’s safe to say it’s a staple for me, and I believe everyone should own a pair. Keep reading below to find out my favorite ways to style them.

Wear with a Graphic Tee

A great option for styling your favorite pair of distressed jeans is always a graphic tee. The options are endless; with sayings and graphics to fit any style. It lends perfectly to the casual look of distressed denim and can easily be paired with sneakers to dress down or a fun heel to dress them up. Throw on some sunnies and you’re set to go. Check out some of my fave graphic tees right now.

Pair with a Blazer

You guys know how I feel about my blazers. A blazer always gives any look a polished and sophisticated feel so pairing it with distressed denim is a no brainer. I love this pairing because it takes the distressed denim, an uber casual style and just elevates it. It’s the perfect solution to dress them up. Just select your favorite tailored blazer paired with a cami, bodysuit or over a t-shirt and your favorite heel to complete the look. You really can’t go wrong here. Choose a neutral color for minimal vibes. If you want to add some edge and spunk, select something fun like this studded blazer I selected. Bottom line; if you want to dress up your denim, the blazer is your answer.

Pair With A Structured Bag

Now I know this tip may seem a little weird. but trust me it works. Because distressed denim lends itself to a more casual aesthetic you want to create a juxtaposition with it. A structured bag gives a polished and modern feel and creates the right mount of interest with the distressing. this is not to say you can’t wear other styles of bags with your denim, but this is one of my tried and true favorites. What you want to remember when wearing distressed denim is you want to create balance. You never want to look too grungy or sloppy when wearing your jeans. Adding a tailored blazer or structured bag gives you the right amount of polish for an edgy yet pulled together look.

I hope this has helped sway you into rocking those distressed jeans. The more rips the better. A pair of distressed jeans is a perfect option for both the Spring and Summer seasons. How will you be rocking your’s? Let me know in the comments.

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