4 Easy Ways to Style a Shirtdress

When you think of an item in your wardrobe that’s super versatile, I think a shirtdress is the last article of clothing a person would think of. A blazer or maybe a scarf, but definitely not a shirtdress. Versatility requires something to be used in multiple different ways; and contrary to belief, a shirtdress is probably one of the most versatile pieces. Keep reading for my tips on how to rock your shirtdress various ways this Spring and Summer to get the most bang for your buck. Not to mention endless stylish outfit ideas to keep you looking fresh all season.

Wear as a Shirt

One of my favorite ways to wear a shirtdress is as the former half of its name; a shirt. Simply leave the bottom half unbuttoned and pair your favorite pair of trousers or denim underneath. Try a pair of shorts in the summertime for a fun and cool look. Style with a belt for a more polished look if you prefer, and you’re all set. Wearing as a shirt is a fun way to reimagine your shirtdress. Check out below how I’ve paired this bright and colorful Christopher John Rogers for target shirtdress with cutoff denim shorts for a laid back yet fun vibe.

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Wear as a Jacket

Now this tip is used s little more freely. Depending on the weight and fabric of your shirtdress, it may not literally be a jacket. We’re merely adopting the use of it being a layering piece. Simply unbutton your shirtdress and layer over your favorite tee, tank or bralette. This is a great hack if you don’t have a jacket but want to have an extra layer in case the weather switches up. Simply button up if you get chilly or take off completely if you get hot.

Wear as a Skirt

This is probably one of my favorite ways to style the shirtdress because it totally reimagines and transforms it from its’ original state. All you need to do to achieve this style is fold the top half of the dress down while it is unbuttoned. This will make it simpler to achieve. Next button the bottom half of the dress; love a few unbuttoned to show more leg. Next place a wide belt around the waist to cover the fold. I also recommend adding the belt to present a more polished and finished look; foregoing it can appear a bit sloppy. Voila, no one will even know it wasn’t a skirt to begin with.

Tip: Make sure to pull any excess fabric down and flat underneath. You don’t want to create any extra bulge in the caboose and hip area. lol.

Check out my style video to see a shirtdress transformed into a skirt

Convert to a Strapless or One Shoulder Dress

I think we’ve definitely learned by now that just because something is labeled one thing doesn’t mean it can’t be another. In other words, just because it’s labeled a shirtdress doesn’t mean that’s the only type of dress it can be. In the styling video here, I easily converted my shirtdress into a tube dress; simply by tucking the sleeves insides. This works better with a short sleeve because there’s not too much extra fabric to conceal. You can also tuck the sleeves into the sides of your bra for more support. Finish with a belt to add more support.

Another style to try is a one shoulder option. This simply requires crossing one sleeve over, and folding the collar and shirt placket in on one side. Use a belt to secure the one sleeve crossed over and secure with a safety pin at the cleavage. Now this only will work with a long or 3/4 sleeved shirtdress, but still a stylish hack nonetheless. I love the way it takes this color block number below up another notch on the style belt. Try this out next time you want to add a little sass or sultriness to your look.

That’s all I have for you this post, although there are numerous more ways you can style a shirtdress. Try incorporating one of these hacks next time your looking for new ways to wear your shirtdress. And if you don’t have a shirtdress in your closet; sis what are you thinking? Luckily I’ve included a few of my faves for your shopping pleasure. Comment below with which hack you’re dying to try out this summer.

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