6 Movies to Draw Major Fashion Inspo From

When you think of the role a movie plays in one’s life, it reaches far beyond entertainment. It can outline political stances, provide laughter in healing times or predict the latest fashion trends. Film and fashion go hand in hand; a fact often underrated but that certainly transcends generations. The statement “what goes around comes around” definitely holds true as we are seeing designers and the fashion industry take notes from the past.  Certain movies shaped not only our adolescent fashion sense, but keep inspiring us today to express our personalities in true fashion. As we travel down memory lane, we pay homage and reinterpret some classic movies whose fashion we can steal a scene from! 


“As If” this wouldn’t be on the list. Who doesn’t think of Cher, Dion and Tye when you think about fashion in movies. Centered around their melodramatic high school lives, fashion was front and center of this 90s film. They were well beyond their time wearing covetable designer frocks like the infamous white Calvin Klein dress questioned by her dad. There was a mix of preppy posh and cool modern vibes that certainly can still be replicated in today’s modern times. For example, I gathered inspo from their chic plaid suits and modernized the look by sporting a blazer dress and padded headband; swapping out the white knee highs for a chic white over the knee boot. Check out my look here.

School Daze 

This 1988 awakening Spike lee Joint  did not just give us “good and bad hair”, but great fashion inspiration. The creative depiction through choreography and costume outlined racial tension and black identity on college campuses, through a rivalry between two frats. It was hard not to notice the strong military and conscious apparel of the “jigaboos” and wannabe-bes. And who didn’t want to be a Gamma Ray as they dazzled  the screen with bold silhouettes, varsity jackets and  silver metallics. If you don’t pull major style inspo from this film,( referencing the shuttering closing phrase of the film) you need to WAKE UP!

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Halle Berry and Natalie Deselle both gave bold performances and bold fashion in this 90s film. Ruth E. carter,  created iconic looks that definitely transcend to modern day.  Their characters’ fashion is seen as gaudy and over the top by some, with loads of chunky gold jewelry, denim on denim and bright colored latex ensembles. However, these trends continue to inspire the fashion world today as chain link necklaces and belts, denim crop tops and jumpsuits are back in a major way. I can definitely imagine the modern Nisi and Mickey in a Marine Serre leotard doused in gold accessories. These ladies made a style splash on the screen back then, and today we are still diving into every iconic look!

Annie Hall

In this 70S film we are inspired by the androgynous aesthetic and style of Diane Keaton, who plays Hall. Her “borrowed from the boys” style not only infiltrated the women of that era, but generations worldwide; which never quite went away. Ralph Lauren supplied most of the high waisted trousers, ties and collared shirts that Keaton rocked so effortlessly. She then added her own personal flair to include floppy hats, vests, cowboy boots and just pure 70s chic. She was definitely a vibe and we can see how this iconic film still inspires fashion to this day. There has a been a return to menswear as a thing, so don’t forget to scour the men’s section next time you’re in need of some major inspiration.

Pulp Fiction

 It’s no secret that fashion these days has spiraled into a whole 90s revival. The cameo of crop tops, mini dresses and oversized silhouettes are emerging onto streets and runways everywhere. One film they could definitely have pulled inspiration from is Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction. It not only had an impact on pop culture, but you could not overlook the great style of the entire cast; most memorable Mia Wallace. Her style was a juxtaposition of classic yet edgy bad girl panache that made us all want to dance in a diner. The cropped cigarette pants and classic white button down, or slip dress she wore could definitely make up a modern day capsule wardrobe. Think of how the slip dress has literally taken retailers by storm. Mia’s style epitomized her as a mob boss’ wife, but with this wardrobe any woman could be boss today.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

A classic movie idolized for Audrey Hepburn’s ladylike style moments. From the infamous street scene where she gazed into Tiffany’s window wearing an elegant black gown accessorized with a pearl necklace and crystal brooch adorning her hair. Not to devalue this iconic outfit, but this entire  movie was filled with showstopping yet sophisticated frocks that graced the screen. Styles like Hepburn’s memorable monochromatic pink party ensemble or collection of chic oversized hats; all which can still be emulated to this day.  This movie may be single handedly why every woman owns a little black dress, and why this film will always be a resource for the classy and cultured modern day woman.

I hope this trip down movie lane has sparked some fashion Inso for you. Remember you can always draw inspiration from something and tweak it to your taste and personality. I’ll definitely be taking cues from these movies and more but for now that’s a wrap. List any movies you love for fashion ideas below.

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