It’s no secret that denim is a staple for every persons wardrobe. Men and women have deemed it a daily staple and over the years it has become the universal answer to getting dressed. Although there are many styles to compliment different body types; for example, straight, curvy, mom ,boyfriend; denim still has the tendency to become somewhat mundane. It’s nice to jazz up the daily uniform by sporting a unique style that is sure to turn heads. Not to fret, I’ve rounded up some great styles if you’re in the market to dish up some dope denim.


Pair with Basics

Your white tee shirt will meet its perfect match while adding flair to a simple yet fashionable look. The white tee shirt and jeans has become a uniform for many because it always works and is a no briner when getting dressed. But let’s face it, you still need to add some flair to this combo whether it be with a statement shoe, handbag, etc. Switching up your basic denim to something a bit more unexpected is a great twist on this classic combo. There are so many great styles like cutouts and fringe to choose from, you’re sure to find something to match your style personality perfectly. Check out some of my suggestions below.

Styles Under $100

Designer Styles

Pair with Simple Silhouettes

It’ best to let your denim do the talking. Unless you’re a style extraordinaire, when wearing a statement it is usually best to pair it with something more simplistic. You want the piece to be the spotlight and don’t want too many competing styles to take away from its shine. A basic tee and blazer or simple white button down are both great options to pair with your denim. The bottom line is you want your jeans to be the talk of the town; so less is more in this case.

Stick to Neutrals

Because you are going bold with your denim selection, pairing it with neutral colors is usually the way to go. Think simple like white, black, shades of browns or gray. Keeping the pairings neutral lends itself to a more sleek and refined overall look. Such fun styles can sometimes air on the side of kiddish, so you want to be cognizant that the finished look is polished. Now this doesn’t mean that you can’t have any fun. Tale my pairing for instance. I stuck to neutrals and simple silhouettes for my main pieces, but added the fun factor in my accessories. The settle pop of red in the sunglasses and pop of color in the heel add the right amount of edge.

I hope these tips have helped when styling unique denim styles. Adding some pop by opting for a less basic denim style is definitely worth a try this Fall. With these simple tips for styling, it will be a breeze to rock any of thee fashionable denim options. Drop a comment below if you’re into it or excited to try this trend!

This post contains affiliate links in which I receive small commission. All styles are hand selected by me and not influenced from any outside source. Thank you in advance for your support.



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