Borrow from the Boys; How to Look Chic in Mens’ Styles

I know there have been many a day when I have claimed to have nothing to wear. And I’m sure you have said this at one time or another. Sometimes your wardrobe can become redundant, but at times like these it requires you to think outside of the box and be creative. Why not borrow from the boys and take a chance wearing a great mens’ piece.

Great style doesn’t always come from the women’s department. I love wearing a piece, receiving compliments, and informing my admirers that I snagged it from my husband’s closet or the men’s section of my favorite store. I believe men’s pieces have a great aesthetic and often have great minimal lines; as they are not constructed with the female curves in mind. With this in mind, here are a few tips to consider next time you’re in your hubby’s closet or leisurely strolling through a department store.

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Great Styles to Consider

Great pieces you can try to incorporate are mens suits/blazers or shirts. I also love shopping in the men’s section for sweatshirts, sweatpants, jackets and sneakers. Sweats are great as they can usually be unisex, but work well if you prefer an oversized silhouette. Don’t forget about men’s accessories like scarves, ties, socks, watches, etc. These are all styles that will translate into a chic look on a woman.

I remember when I worked at J. Crew many years ago, I would often borrow ties from my now hubby and my dad to pair with my sweaters and button down shirts. So as you can see, there is so much style to be obtained from venturing into styles of the opposite sex.

Be Aware of Size

You most likely will have to size down because it’s tailored with a man’s body in mind. Try it on and make sure it flatters your body type. If you are choosing a suit either go oversized or get it tailored to flatter your body type.

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Color Choice

Choose more neutral colors that are classic to men’s designs like black, gray, khaki and white. This will keep the look polished and not too sloppy. If you like colors like me, maybe keep this to less serious styles like sweaters and sweats. If you like patterns; pinstripes, houndstooth and glen plaids are great options. I decided on my men’s suit in a blue plaid to keep the masculine vibe, but jazzed it up with my accessories to add some feminine flair.

Keep It Polished

Make sure the overall look doesn’t appear sloppy and unflattering; it should appear oversized yet chic. This may require extra tailoring, or a trick as simple as adding a belt

Feminize It

Although its okay to borrow from the boys, you still want to consider feminizing the look. Even though i may be wearing hubby’s suit, I don’t want to look like hubby in it. Add glamorous accessories, a fun belt or heels. If you’re not a jewelry fanatic, try a fun bold lip. Considering elements like these will add the right amount of woman’s touch you need.

I’ve added a red lip, chain belt, bold earrings and heels to my men’s suit.

 Great Places to Shop

Thrift stores are great to find good suit options that also aren’t too costly. Let’s face it, were not looking to spend a large amount for a men’s suit. Take it to a tailor and alter it to your liking. Department stores are always a go, and many times you can find items on sale.

I hope these tips have helped shed new light on styling. I know many of us have a significant other, brother, dad or friend whose closet we can raid. So next time you’re in a fashion dilemma, remember to borrow from the boys; you’ll be surprised at the chic outfits you can create.

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