Brown and Blue; This Seasons’ Hottest Color Combo

This season I’ve seen some really great color trends popping up on the runways. From lilac to navy to the infamous chocolate brown; my favorite color trend this winter. Because I’ve been so into brown lately it has lent itself to discovering other colors to pair it with. I love brown paired with lilac, white and even black, but my favorite combination thus far definitely has to be brown and blue. A touch of sophistication mixed with a smart appeal. Check out my tips below on how you can rock this combo.

There are so many hues that can be mixed in a brown and blue combo. Take my outfit for instance. I’ve paired cognac with somewhat of a cardinal blue. The warmer tone of the cognac just lends itself perfectly with this shade of blue. A darker brown would have worked, but would not have been as easy on the eyes and given off a more serious vibe. Try to think about the intensity of the hues when deciding which to pair together.

The key to wearing this color combo is confidence. This can be transferrable to many unexpected color combos. There’s a lot to be said about a woman who is not afraid to mix things up and not always go for the simple or expected. If you are not afraid to play around with color or want to try a style hack like this you must put on confidence along with your outfit. People will pick up if you are uncomfortable, so wear your combo with boldness. Here are some great bold yet wearable blue and brown color combos to try.

Chocolate and Powder Blue

Chocolate and Electric Blue

Camel and Navy

Nude and Navy

Camel and Powder Blue



A great way to experiment with this color pairing, if your a little more settle, is through accessorizing. For example, if you are wearing a blue trouser and may not want to pair with a brown top, try adding in your brown with your accessory. Add a great fedora like I did or opt for a handbag. Hats, coats, gloves and scarves are all a great way to add in a complimentary color.



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I hope this post has convinced you of trying one of my fave color combos, if you weren’t a fan already. It such a fun yet chic combination that is sure to get you noticed and solidified as super stylish. Comment below on whether your a fan of the blue and brown combo.

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