The Summer Checklist: All the Essential Styles you Need for Summer

With the nationwide quarantine going on right now, there’s a good chance we may not get to frolic the streets to enjoy what’s left of spring florals and weather. It’s looking more like we’ll be making a debut in the upcoming summer months. I’m sure many of you, like me, have been cringing to buy something and take advantage of…
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Suit Up for Spring: 3 Trends to Consider Before Buying Your Next Suit

Spring has finally sprung so get ready to see an array of florals, heightened lengths, more legs and of course the bright cheery colors that mark the season. Besides some of the new trends like padded tees and mules, I’m loving the suiting trend. Suits have rapidly become a staple in the modern day women’s closet the past few seasons;…
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Statement Boots: My Top 3 Styles to Purchase

We are heading into February soon and boot season is well underway, however, we still have a few months ahead for major boot action. When it comes to boots, black or brown has always been the go to. It was sure to match any outfit deeming it the ultimate safe choice. Simple smooth calf leather and suede were the textiles…
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