Coral and Cream; A Summer Hot Color Combo

I know we all love shades of whites as well as bright colors in the summer. Well how about merging the two together? Sometimes you may not be in the mood for a “look at me” bright colorful ensemble. On the other hand, all white, although gorgeous, minimal and chic, can sometimes become expected. One of my favorite color combos for the summer is coral and cream. You get the best of both worlds while maintaining an interesting chic balance. Keep reading to see why channeling an orange creamsicle goodness just doesn’t have to be in the form of ice cream.

Coral is the perfect pair to cream. Notice I am using cream, and not white. Cream is a shade of white, but is not as stark. The softer, warmer feel of a cream shade just compliments coral so well. Both are soft yet impactful colors, especially when paired together. Now this isn’t to say that you won’t look good if you pair it with white, but I think cream just gives off such a richness and regality not so much achieved with white.

How you choose to pair the two colors together is up to you; just make sure you create a good balance. Pair a coral dress with a cream bag or vice versa. Pair a coral top with a cream bottom like I did, or vice versa. You want both colors to shine and compliment each other, so you want to make sure there’s not too much of one color. If you feel you may be heavy on one color you can always add in a metallic to break it up. Metallics act as neutrals so adding in a metallic shoe or bag for interest will still keep your coral and cream look polished and making sense.

Now that I think I’ve sold you on this hot color combo, lets get into a few faves I’ve rounded up. I’ve found some fabulous pieces from skirts to shoes for you to take a dip into this combo this season.




So will you be joining the coral and cream crew? I think Sumer is calling for this hot color combo so I think you should you join me. Let me know if you love these colors in the comments below and how you planning on rocking them this season.

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