Faux Leather; A Staple for Fall 2021

As soon as the temps start to fluctuate, us fashionistas don’t hesitate to pull out favorite fall staples. Yes we know chunky knits, combat boots and cozy sweaters are a reliable go to, but we can’t forget about this oh so chic cruelty free style trend; faux leather . I would go so far as to not even label it. trend, but a classic staple for Fall.

How has faux leather become such a staple over the years? I think for several reasons. For one, like I’ve mentioned above, faux leather, also known as vegan leather, is a cruelty free option for the animal lovers out there. It allows for those to still rock the look without going against their personal morals. Secondly, it’s cost efficient. A great quality authentic leather item can be rather pricey. Now while it’s totally worth it, some may prefer to have more budget friendly options, which still allow them to obtain the same look. And to be honest, these man made options are looking rather undetectable against the real thing. I love that you can still have a piece that can look expensive without breaking the bank.

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Lastly, there are literally sooooo my options out now available in faux leather. Over the years we’ve seen the PU perfection crafted in a variety of designs. It has expanded from just leggings to include everything from moto jackets, shirts, boots, dresses and handbags. The options are endless, including a plethora of colors. If these aren’t reasons enough to sell you on this new Fall staple, then I don’t know what to tell you.

Here are a few tips to consider when selecting/shopping Faux leather Pieces:

Stick to Neutrals:

Although I am a big lover of color, as you my know, I do prefer to stick to neutrals when talking faux leather. Because it is a man made material, it can tend to display a sheen which you want to be careful with. You want to make sure the pieces you select still have a sophisticated and expensive look to them. Thus, that’s usually easer to achieve with neutral colors in this fabric. Consider black, cream (instead of white), cognac and chocolate browns. If you must do color I would suggest maybe a moto jacket, which gives the flexibility to be more fun, or try an embossed croc. An embossed croc pattern usually gives a more playful vibe which lends itself to more colors. Just be sure to make sure when dealing with color, the piece doesn’t look inexpensive. it also works to pair it with a neutral color like black or white, to keep it chic and polished. But as a general rule of thumb, stick to neutrals.

Blazers and Tops


Trousers and Jumpsuits


Stick to Classic Silhouettes

This is not he time to get crazy with super trendy silhouettes. A classic shape will translate best. Think tailored blazers, aline skirts and dresses, clean lined trousers and shorts. There’s always room for some trendier styles like cropped jackets, but classic styles always lend a polished and elevated feel.

If you’re thinking of ways to style your faux leather pieces; here are two.

1)Wear it Head to Toe.

Try a blazer with shorts or a top and jogger like I did above. If you choose this way of styling, just be sure to keep it monochromatic and wear the same color. It may appear too busy mixing different colors.

2) Mix the Mediums

Because faux leather is like a texture, it plays well when mixed with varying textures, the same rule as with real leather. Play it up by pairing varying textures like silk, boucle or chunky knits with it. The juxtaposition of the two fabrics will give off a fashion forward look.

So yes, you’ve figured correct. I have now deemed faux leather a Fall staple. It’s cost effective, chic and versatile. I have counted endless pieces of faux leather that I have worn year after year in various different ways. If you’re ready to jump on board, make sure to check out some of my favorite finds to get your wardrobe faux leather ready!

This post contains affiliate links in which I receive small commission. All items are hand selected and curated by me without any influenced opinions of others. Thank you in advance fo your support.


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  1. Kawana Coy
    October 28, 2021 / 12:00 pm

    Great tips. Faux leather is a favorite of mine


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