Holiday Dresses: All the Glamorous Styles you Need Under $50

The year 2020 has really been a whirlwind. Although there have been some rough patches, I’m happy to say we’ve almost made it to the end of the year. Were in the last few months of the fourth quarter so you know what that means; holiday time. I know, I know Thanksgiving hasn’t even come and gone but it’s never too early to prep for the holidays. I don’t know about you, but still having breath in my body is reason enough to celebrate; and I plan on celebrate the holidays in my usual manner. Which means, full on glam for all the festivities.

This means all the glitz and glamour should be in full effect. I’m sure there will be lots of creative ways thought of to celebrate this year, and you should still be ready to slay; even if only from your living room. But I’m sure if you’re like me, the chances of actually leaving the house may be slim, so you may not want to break the bank on a great holiday look. Lucky for us, I’ve scoured the internet for glamorous, swoon worthy styles that will give your Zoom viewers a sleigh bell sight.

Red and Green

Nothing brings you more cherry Christmas joy than the color red. We know the infamous colors of red and green just scream holiday and I’m here for it. I usually like to go against the grain, but I think this is one of the rare times I make an exception. I love a good theme, and embracing full holiday spirit I feel like a great red or green ensemble is festive and fashionable. Check out some great options below.

Add a little Sparkle

One of the best things about the holidays, well at least for me, is all of the sparkle and shine. Whether it’s a high shine outfit for New Year’s or a glitzy number to compliment the Christmas tree, now is the time to shine; literally. Sequins and metallics are always a great choice, especially in season festive colors like red, emerald, gold, silver or black.


Now a gown may a little over the top for most, but I feel like the holiday is the perfect time to step out in full legit glamour. Besides a black tie affair or wedding, there aren’t many occasions that call for such fancy attire. Why not pull out all the stops for your next holiday affair. I plan on wearing a gown just to lie my couch, adorned in jewels ,sipping on Trader Joes salted caramel hot cocoa and munching on cookies.

I know it may be a bit dramatic, but honey this year alone is cause to go the extra mile, live out your dreams, and wear the over the top dress. And why not go for it when these glamorous options will leave you drop dead gorgeous without breaking the bank. Go ahead and deck yourself in one of these numbers. Check them out below.

I hope this holiday inspo has put you in a joyous mood. Everyone can use a little lifting of spirits this season, why not start with a fabulous dress. What we wear directly correlates to our mood and the presence we exude. Tis’ the season to definitely be joyous, happy and fabulous!

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