How to Transition White Into the Colder Seasons

I know we’ve all heard the cliche phrase “No White After Labor Day.” Well if there’s one thing about me you should know, I wear what makes me happy at any time no matter what anyone else says. So you can guess that this phrase holds no weight in my fashion book. White can definitely be worn all year round (just ask Lisa Raye) there are just a few tips to consider. I’m here to dish on how to transition those fun summer whites into the colder season.

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Pay Attention to Textures:

Wearing white during the cold seasons can be super simple by just paying attention to a few simple details. Texture is one of them. This is the time to put away whites in summery fabrics like linen, eyelet or anything gauze like and too lightweight. For more season appropriate whites; consider heavier fabrics like wool, boucle and heavier textured cottons. My dress is a cotton, but it has a great raised texture which makes it perfect for this cooler season. It is also long sleeve, giving it the warmth appeal to wear now.

Layer with Seasonal Accessories:

Just because the weather breaks, doesn’t mean you have to put away all of your white dresses. After you consider texture and confirm it’s season appropriate, now you want to transition it for the colder months. Put away those barely there sandals and woven bags. Instead transition by layering appropriate accessories. Swap out sandals for a great ankle or knee boot in a rich color. Swap out a sun hat for a wool fedora or newsboy cap. Now add finishing touches like a leather jacket, lightweight scarf and tights. Choosing the right fabrics and accessories for the season helps your white look brighten up a cool fall day.

Choose the Right Styles:

Wearing white is definitely one of my go to colors. And as I’ve mentioned, just because its cold doesn’t mean white has no place in your seasonal roundup. Now that you’ve considered texture and transitional accessories, consider the right styles. Here are some of my favorite must have styles to purchase in white for colder months;

White Coat: There’s something about a white coat that is just so clean and chic. Again choose a nice wool or cashmere, A waist tied option is one of my faves.

Sweater Dress: This emphasizes my point about texture. Instead of something too lightweight, the sweater dress is the perfect season appropriate weight and style. I love a midi style.

White Boot: An absolute must,must,must. You can literally throw a white boot on with any outfit and instantly elevate your look. I enjoy a white boot even more than a black. It presents a posh look and gives a rich minimal chic appeal. There are so many great styles out right now. Try an over the knee style for dressing up or a white combat boot for more casual edgy looks.

So what are your thoughts on wearing white after Labor day now? I’m sure if you weren’t so keen on the idea, you may now be convinced. White is such a rich color with such a classy and chic appeal. Consider some of these tips next time you are thinking of wearing white in the upcoming cold season, and as always let me know your thoughts below!

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  1. kawana Smith Coy
    October 16, 2020 / 10:17 am

    I love all od these tips for wearing white. I love the crisp look and appeal of white particularly in the colder months.
    I will definitely be investing in a sweater dress.
    Great Tips

    • angela1983
      October 16, 2020 / 9:30 pm

      Let me know when you find a great sweater dress;lol. glad these tips were helpful

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