How to Wear Shades of White for Spring

We’ve all heard the cliche phrase, “No White After Labor Day. White has always been a color most reserve for Summer only. Well I’m here to tell you that I follow none of these rules and neither should you. White is a color that can be worn all year round. Its’ varying shades always provide a clean, chic look and is the perfect way to flaunt this Spring. Here are a few ways you can rock shades of white this season and look fly while doing it.


If you have been following me for a while, you know I’m the number one fan of a monochromatic look. This simply means rocking one color from head to toe. The best part about a monochromatic look is, the depth of it comes from varying several tones and shades of that color. This means if you’re wearing a monochromatic pink look, you can mix it up with blush, fuchsia, bubblegum or whatever shade your heart desires. This is the same for white. Many think the color white does nott have tones; but it does. See how I rocked a mix of white, beige and tan for my monochromatic look. The finished look is polished, clean and chic.


I’m literally so in love with white accessories this Spring. A pop of white in a handbag or a hat just instantly adds life to your look. Add to a simple black outfit or any color and it just works. Even a simple jeans outfit can be transformed with a white accessory. When shopping for white look for clean lines and quality material. It’s very easy for white to have a less expensive look if you aren’t purchasing designer. Just make sure that you keep that in mind when shopping, and opt for great quality and simple silhouettes for the best appeal. Check out some of my fave white accessories below.




White shoes have always had a sort of taboo around them. Who remembers when you were younger, wearing those patent white shoes for special occasions with the frilly white socks? Ok maybe just me, but that experience always left a certain stigma linger around for me when it came to wearing white shoes. But that has since passed and is a now must in my fashion book. I hold the same rules for white shoes as I do for accessories. In my experience, clean and minimal styles work best. They keep the look polished and sleek. If you have it in your budget, always spend a little more money on a quality brand. There’s nothing worse than a cheap looking shoe, especially in white. If your budget doesn’t allow for you to spend a lot, pay attention to the quality of the material and shape of the shoe to make sure it has an expensive look to it. Choosing a warmer tone of white like nude or beige is always a great option when shopping less expensive styes.

So will you be rocking shades of white this Spring. White is the perfect way to look so fresh and so clean (cue Outkast) But seriously guys, make sure you incorporate those pops of white into your wardrobe this season; you won’t regret it!

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