How to Wear Statement Earrings; 3 Tips to Try this Trend

You guys know I am no stranger to staments pieces. I love anything that stands out and lets people know I have arrived. Whether a bright green python trench, my neon pink Balenciaga knife pumps or a great fedora, I don’t shy away from being bold. One thing I have always loved and have added to my fashion repitou are statement earrings. I love how they can take the simplest outfit and elevate it to being super chic.

A fanciful earlobe was at a time considered one that was clothed in diamonds or gemstone studs. Although , they will never go out of style, this year is all about being bold. The statement earring has made its debut and looks like it will be here to stay for some time. Here are 3 ways to incorporate this trend.

Wear With A Simplistic Outfit

Any kind of statement usually works best when paired with something more low key. Now this isn’t a foolproof tip, but is a good foundational start. This allows your piece to shine all on its own and be the star of the show. You don’t want anything take away from its beauty. If your outfit of choice is a simple dress, tee shirt and jeans or even a monochrome look, a statement earring is the perfect choice to level it up a notch.

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Highlight A Simple Hairstyle

A statement earring works best, when one can see it. This usually means it lends itself perfectly to simple hairstyles like a slick backed bun or something not too fussy. This allows your hair not to interfere or get caught in the earring; and lets the earring do all the talking. Try adding this piece with simple hairstyles that are pulled away from the face and wait for the compliments to start rolling in.

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Play up a Pattern or Color

A pattern is a great way to introduce a statement earring or pop of color. Just because your wearing a statement, doesn’t mean your outfit has to be boring. If you’re like me, more is always more so I tend to go for it. An easy way to chose your earring is to pull one of the colors out of the pattern you are wearing. This will allow a perfect compliment to your outfit. Another way to play on color is by choosing either a complimentary color to your outfit or the same color for a monochrome look.

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For example, if you’re wearing a blue dress you can choose an orange earring to spice it up. Orange and blue are complimentary colors on the color wheel. If this is too bold for you, opt for a simpler approach. If you’re wearing an all black or all white outfit, choose a statement earring in the same color. This will give a more subtle approach but still packs just as much style impact.

So how about making this year the year of being bold; starting with a statement earring. A statement earring is sometimes all you need to level up a simple outfit. With the super affordable options and various types I provided , I’m sure you will want to try this trend. Comment below if you love to wear statement earrings or if you would give it a try!

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  1. Rene
    January 19, 2021 / 8:25 pm

    Love me some beautiful big dangling earrings! These are some great tips. Thanks

    • angela1983
      January 22, 2021 / 11:33 am

      Thank you Rene. Statement earrings always look fabulous on you!


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