Make a Statement this Fall with a Trenchcoat

Its no surprise that the trench coat is a tried and true staple every Fall. There is something so classic and versatile about a trench coat. Whether you’re rocking it with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt or with your favorite black dress and boots; the trench is as versatile and classic as they come. Well although this will remain a classic, the style has evolved over time resulting in some creative, unique and showstopping options. I’d like to draw your attention to those statement trenches and what to look for if you want to go bold this season!


I know that when you think of the trench you unconsciously revert to the traditional khaki color. You can never go wrong with a khaki, but don’t be afraid to venture out from these known neutral colors. It’s time to ditch the cliche that only styles in khaki, camel or black will be the most versatile. There are so many great colors that are not only versatile, but will add an unexpected umph to your look. Some of my favorite colors to try include, mustard, red, olive green and animal print. Yes, you know I had to slip a little animal fierceness into the mix. There are great options in leopard, snakeskin, and even zebra print that will add a certain pinosh to your outerwear. In the Stand Studio coat I’m wearing, I love how a bold green color and animal print were combined to create the right dosage of wow factor.


One major component to look out for are those special details. Uncommon and unique details on even a basic colored trench is what will transform it into a statement piece. Instead of traditional horn buttons, why not try bright gold buttons. Think about assymetrical styles, puff sleeves, mixed media; some of my favorite I have seen are styles that play around with fabric. I love a juxtaposition such as khaki cotton with vinyl or perspex. These are just a few of the unexpected details that will create a subtle slay.


This characteristic is another that can play a role in making a statement. Traditionally the trench coat is of mid calf length. As stated previously, evolution has created so many wonderful options to choose from. Consider your height when deciding on length. If your on the shorter side, maybe opt for a waist option to create equal proportions. If you do go for a longer style, like I did; pair with a heel or platform boot to balance it out. If your taller you may want more of a full length to balance out your height. Pair with a nice flat or mid heeled boot to complete the look.


When it comes to the trench coat, cotton is not the only textile of choice any longer. If you are really looking to make a statement, this is a great factor to consider. Try real or vegan leather, patent leather, vinyl or even shearling. There are so many fun and interesting contenders when it comes to fabric choice. Step out in the streets in a trench like one of the above mentioned and you’ll be sure to be the talk of the town.

I hope this post has given you the push to make a statement this Fall with your outerwear. Since the weather has broke, it doesn’t mean you have to break out all those dark colors; this is the perfect opportunity to be bold. Neutrals have their place, but this season is just as much about being bold and bright. Stop someone in their tracks this season with an unexpected twist on the trench. Comment below if you own a trench or if you plan on adding one to your list!

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