My Luxury Wishlist for 2021

As you guys know, the start of a new year means new resolutions for most. Well being the fashionista that I am (clears throat) lol, I decided this year I would actually make a luxury wishlist. Although I own several designer and luxury items, there was never any rhyme or reason. I purchased if something was a major deal, and never really considered if I actually really wanted or needed it. Well this year, I decided to change that.

If you follow me on Instagram you know I introduced something called style resolutions. This was a way to give yourself goals in relation to style for the year and hold yourself accountable. Well one of mine was to buy less fast fashion and more quality pieces. This sparked me to actually think about creating a luxury wishlist for the year. So I know, you’re dying to know what’s on it, well keep reading.

Manolo Blahnik Hangisi:

The Manolo Blahnik Hangiss shoe has actually been on my imaginary luxury wishlist for some time now. I purchased them once in 2011 in hopes of wearing them for my wedding day, however they did not match my gown. The desire to own them, however, has not went away. I really want the same fuchsia/hot pink color that I returned. However, this shoe is so gorgeous I would settle for any color except black. The orange, yellow and emerald, are also great colors. I prefer them in the 105 height and definitely plan on knocking them off my list before they sell out again.

Gucci Marmont:

One category I really want to purchase more of were luxury bags. I have lots shoe and actually a good amount of clothing. But I never focused too much on bags; so be prepared to see more unboxing this year. I do have a few luxury bags but all Louis Vuitton, so I need to expand my brand horizons. I’ve been really into Gucci lately, and have a few of their bags on my list. The Marmont collection has been at the top of the list. I recently got the small round shoulder bag in black. I love unique handbag shapes and felt that it was different but versatile as an everyday bag.

I love the cream small Marmont because it can be dressy or casual and just looks so rich and chic. I also love the Mini Dionysus with the brown suede trim. The snake, crystal encrusted snap closure just does it for me. It gives just the right amount of edge to a feminine style. I am a huge fan of mini bags so you will see me rocking them all year. I think they are super versatile having the ability to go from casual to dressy so easily.

Valentino Rockstud Bag:

This has become a recent wish of mine. The rock stud is a classic in my opinion and never goes out of style. Although it will be difficult to fit much, I really love the micro size. I’ve seen a few of my favorite influencers carrying it and just think it’s so adorable. The small is a great size too if you actually want space to carry a cell phone and other essentials. I don’t have a color preference, I just do not want black. I feel like the colors really make the pop in such a small accessory. Stay tuned because I may or may not have pulled the trigger on this one.

Bottega Venetta Chain Cassette

So I must say I was completely over the cassette bag and basically all of the Bottega Veneta bags from seeing them so much. I literally couldn’t scroll on Instagram without seeing a pouch bag or something Bottega on my feed or in the explore page. But after an in store visit and seeing this bag in person, I fell in love. many of the colors are beautiful but the linoleum is gorgeous. No it’s not as practical, but it’s a showstopper. The leather is supple and rich and the bag just absolutely stunning in person. I definitely feel the gold chain adds the extra pizazz needed over the original cassette bag.

Hermes Clic H Bracelet:

I already own this particular bracelet in black and I love it. I love how the width allows it to be layered with other pieces. I can layer with my David Yurman pieces and mix and match the gold with silver hardware. My color of choice; the Rose Dragee. I debated back and forth between the white and this color, but I’m a pink girl at heart. Eventually I will add the white to my collection as well.

Valentino Reversible Belt

A designer belt is always a good staple to have. I usually prefer a neutral color like black or cognac brown, and something that can be worn multiple times and ways to ensure my cost per wear. Last year I was gifted the Gucci Marmont leather belt in black belt for Valentine’s day and have been able to wear it soooo many times. I can wear with jeans, over dresses and coats. I feel that the Valentino will serve me in the same capacity. But what I love is the oversized Gold V and that I don’t have to choose between brown or black because it is reversible. There are also other nice color combos like black and red or fuchsia with burgundy. It looks so stylish and has a very classy sophisticated feel to a logo belt. I love it!

Good Girl Gone Bad by Kilian

Now I’ve never been too much into perfumes, but recently have become more interested thanks to my blogger boo Btirttney of Pocketsandbows. She is a conneuisser of perfumes and I like to soak up her knowledge about luxury goods, especially fragrance. I purchased Valentino Born in Roma because of her and I absolutely love it. I wear nearly every day. Now another friend recently put me on to this particular fragrance, and let me just say, if you want to smell like money; this is it. It’s settle, sultry and sexy all in one. It is a bit pricey but again it’s an investment. Most likely it will be a special occasion fragrance for me, but definitely one I want to add to my collection.

So I think this is a good start, lol. Im sure ill be adding more to this list as the year goes on. The important fact is that I now have a plan so hopefully having less impulse purchases and more items that will remain in my closet for the long haul. Do you make a luxury wishlist and if so what items are on your list?

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