• 6 Months As a Blogger; My Takeaways

    So May 2019 marked the month I decided to really start blogging. It had always been a hidden passion of mine and something people always told me I should be doing; but May was when I finally decided to take the leap. Being a newbie to social media, and genuinely not really caring to much to be on it, I…
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    Colorblocking: How to pull it off like a pro

    You guys know I’m no stranger to color, but I typically tend to manifest my love of color through various patterns. However, I have always been a fan of colorblocking. The runways and streets have shown more of a tone on tone approach lately in monochromatic colors; but colorblocking at its core has reared more to bright. It can be…
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    Black, White and Nude: The Failproof Combo

    Although some consider me the color queen, lately I’ve taken a little break from my reign on the throne. I’ve been really into neutral colors, specifically black, white and nude(tan). These three colors, or the color trinity as I call it, are a sure proof way to look put together, polished and always chic. They can each pair with other…
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