• Colorblocking: How to pull it off like a pro

    You guys know I’m no stranger to color, but I typically tend to manifest my love of color through various patterns. However, I have always been a fan of colorblocking. The runways and streets have shown more of a tone on tone approach lately in monochromatic colors; but colorblocking at its core has reared more to bright. It can be…
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    Black, White and Nude: The Failproof Combo

    Although some consider me the color queen, lately I’ve taken a little break from my reign on the throne. I’ve been really into neutral colors, specifically black, white and nude(tan). These three colors, or the color trinity as I call it, are a sure proof way to look put together, polished and always chic. They can each pair with other…
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    Groundbreaking: Florals For Fall

    I know all of my fashion and movie obsessed remember the line made famous by Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada. Her oh so sophisticated read of her fashion team as she repeatedly dismissed their suggestions, included the line “Florals for Spring;groundbreaking.” Well florals for spring are pretty predictable, but this season many designers have made it the new…
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