• Gingham: Not Just for Your Picnic Table

    It’s mid July and the temps have definitely started to rise. We are well into the heatwave months and should have already had our fair shares of visits to the pool and barbecues. But if there’s any other sign that summer is here, it’s the influx of gingham pattern. We all have seen the common tablecloth in red or blue…
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    Body Goals: Embracing your “Now” Body

    Working in the fashion world, I’ve always heard woman say to me when I’m your size I’m going to change my wardrobe. Or the ever famous; if I were your size then I could pull that off. I’ve encountered years of hearing your so tiny and cute and can wear anything. Well the truth is, I cant wear anything. And…
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    white Denim:What You Need to Know Before Buying the Perfect Pair

    So summer is officially here, and we are starting to see light and bright clothing in full swing. Besides the usual switch to easy and breezy layers , denim makes its way to the forefront in multiple styles, including cutoffs and jean jackets. Denim is always a staple all year round but white denim makes a strong cameo for the…
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