• Back to Basics: The ABC’s of Color

    I am no stranger to color as a leisurely stroll through my Instagram account will show. Neutral colors make their occasional cameo, but using color is my repertoire. I find it especially interesting to mix unexpected colors together. My background in visual arts (painting,drawing) feed my constant need to taste the rainbow. Mixing colors can be scary for some, especially…
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    Summer Edit: All the pieces you need from zara

    I think we all have acquired several pieces over the seasons from the fast fashion retailer; but this season they are so on point. There are so many swoon worthy and fresh versatile pieces that are sure to have people asking “Girl where’d you get that?”. I called myself going in to leisurely browse, which after a few short hours,…
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    The Balancing Act: 6 ways to help juggle life easier

    Like me, I’m sure most of you are wearing many hats in this game of life. We are constantly on the go, with so many responsibilities to juggle that you may feel like something is always lacking. Well I can tell you first hand that it is definitely hard to balance everything and feel like your not failing. There’s no…
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