Red and Purple; One of the Best Color Combinations to try in 2021

There are so many great color combinations that I fancy. Blue and brown, pink and red, orange and pink, navy and black; the list could go on and on. However, one recent combination I’ve become smitten with is red and purple, or as I like to call it, tomato and grape. I dabbled with this idea last spring trying it out for the first time and never looked back since. Keep reading to see why this is a color combo you need to try this year.

One would think that already being such bold vibrant colors on their own, they would not mesh well together. It’s actually the opposite. Wearing two bold colors together, shows that you don’t mind taking fashion risks and will rack up major style points on your fashionista card. If you’re not as daring just yet, try pairing lilac with tomato for a softer yet striking appeal.

If you need a reason other than my sole opinion, one of the main reasons this color combo works is because of the simple rule of the color wheel. You know the color wheel you reference in art class; back to basics. The color wheel has something called analogous colors. This references groups of three colors that sit next to each other on the color wheel. Just like complimentary colors or triadic(primary) colors; this means any combination of them will look good together. And you guessed it, violet and red are a group of analogous colors, meaning any variation of these colors work in perfect color harmony.

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A great way to wear such bold colors like tomato and grape together is through accessories. Stepping into new color territory can be a little scary. Adding in bold touches with accessories or accents is the perfect way to ease into it because you can always take them off. Try incorporating a shoe, handbag, scarf, hat, etc. to add in your secondary color. I decided to pair a bright tomato military jacket over my purple dress. Although it looks striking together, if I decided it was too much, I could always remove my jacket and not compromise the entire look.

I’m positive after reading this post, you’ll have a new outlook on pairing red and purple together. It really is an underrated color combo that shows big style. Have you ever paired these two colors together or will you try it in the future? Drop a comment below!

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