How many times have you looked in your closet and proclaimed ” I have nothing to wear?” I feel like I say this everytime I am deciding on what to wear for an event or let’s be real (everytime I’m getting dressed). I used to always feel like I had to go out and buy something new, like suddenly the style pieces that hung there were now expired like a carton of milk. Sometimes the world of fashion makes you think that you always have to be current and constantly adding new pieces to your wardrobe; but what about your older pieces that once gave you joy. Now as much as it is inspiring to go on a shopping spree at the beginning of each season; our bags may not be secure enough to do so. Lately I have ditched this theory, while preserving my bag, by remixing my closet. Most of the time we have so much to wear and just need to have a little imagination. Here are my tips on how to breath new life into your wardrobe.

  1. Force Yourself to Wear things With Tags– I know I’m not the only one with tons of styles I come across in my closet that still have tags on them. Now some still have tags on them for a reason. Reasons could be it was an impulse buy based on price, something purchased in the wrong size, or a piece so special you’ve been waiting for the perfect time to wear. Now it is smart to do an inventory of pieces like this to get rid of some; but most times they just get buried between our racks of clothes and forgotten because of new purchases we’ve made. Try collecting every piece in your closet that has tags and you’ll see how many “new” pieces you have without ever swiping your card.

This is what I did. Take this dress I’m wearing. I’ve had this dress for about 6 years, never worn still new with tags. Every time I looked at it I got discouraged because I felt like it was a size too big and not quite my style. I also scored it on major sale for $20 so I was not giving it up without a fight. But what good was the $20 I spent if i never wore it. So I put it on and decided I was going to force myself to finally wear it. The issue was always how do I avoid looking like a Spanish dancer in the oversized frock. A few new recent accessories purchased was the answer. I took my old black leather belt (which I’ve owned for about 15 years) which took it down one size and created a shape; now taking away the frumpy feeling I had. Now all I had to do was add some fun accessories to give it a fresh feel. I finally wore it and received so many compliments on my outfit. This just proves that sometimes we already have something new to wear, we just need to actually wear it or give it a fresh feel.

2. Never Wear it the Same Way Twice– I know a good outfit that makes you look and feel good, and grants you numerous compliments tempts you to never stray. However, this gets boring and limits your wardrobe. Not to mention doesn’t allow you to take pictures as much. A great way to remix your wardrobe is by actually mixing it up. Try wearing your favorite skirt with different tops or shoes. Try different color combinations. Try giving your clothes different purposes. This means wearing your skirt or shirt or even jacket, as a dress. Or maybe throw some jeans or pants under your dress to change it into a shirt. When you start reimagining your pieces this way, the possibilities are endless to making your wardrobe like new again. I could easily throw on a pair of black wide leg pants under this dress and create a whole new look. And if you do want to wear an outfit the same exact way, try to pick an event or place that no one has seen you in it; an alternative approach to expanding your wardrobe.

3. Accessories and Shoes are Oxygen to Your Wardrobe- If you are going to breath new life into your old wardrobe, these two components are the air you need. Any old or new piece can be instantly changed or remixed with the right accessory or shoe. These both give you the option to give a whole different aesthetic to a piece. They can change a look from modern to preppy or even glam just by switching these things around. Next time I will reference tip number two by not wearing it the same way. I could add a funky boot to give it an edgy feel and also transition it into a new season. A super modern bag is also an option to take away the ladylike feel. Like I said, the options are endless. Play around with shoes, bags, belts or jewelry to give your piece a new feel.

So next time you’re crying about having nothing to wear, be sure to reference these tips. They will not only make you feel like your wardrobe has doubled, but save you some coins in the process. Drop a comment below on how you remix your wardrobe.



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