Sweatshirts and Mini Skirts are a Perfect Pair

For those that know me, usually associate me with being more of an over the top dresser. My clothing selections definitely air on the side of more dressy than casual. My choice of shoe is 99.9 percent of times a heel and I can barely remember if I actually own a pair of sneakers. However, I’ve been embracing more elevated casual feels lately,; and a sweatshirt paired with a skirt is the perfect option. I love the unexpected juxtaposition that allows you to have the best of both worlds. Keep reading to see how you can effortlessly rock this trend.


Choose Oversized Sweatshirts

This look can definitely be achieved with a normal sweatshirt, but the oversized look just gives an effortless chic. It gives vibes of a “not trying too hard” attitude while achieving the perfect proportions. Because you are wearing something shorter in length on the bottom half, pairing something oversized balances the micro length. Sometimes when wearing a mini skirt, you have to be careful about pairing it with silhouettes that are either too tight or cropped. Something with a slightly looser fit will appear less vulgar. You always want the overall look to appear polished and chic no matter what height or age you are.

Opt for a Pattern

This trend is especially fun when you elect a graphic sweatshirt. There are so many fabulous preppy and collegiate inspired sweatshirts; designer and non designer; that are great. It’s so unexpected to pair a fun sweatshirt; a style usually worn super casually, with a mini skirt. You will definitely create a conversation around your outfit because you have created more interest that a plain Jane sweatshirt sometimes does not.

Balance the Look with Texture

Because we’re creating a juxtaposition with the casual sweatshirt look, you want to make sure you create balance with your bottom selection. We want to elevate the sweatshirt which means you should choose a mini skirt with a little more polish. If you dId choose a more casual skirt, make sure your footwear is dressier. Think elevated fabrics like faux or authentic leather, wool, etc. Foe example, if you are wearing jeans, you could wear with a pump or barely there heel to elevate the look. The idea is to elevate the casual piece, which in this case is the sweatshirt. If you keep these tips in mind your look will be balanced and polished.

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So what say you? Are you a sweatshirt and mini skirt kinda gal. I know I’ve been converted. It’s laid back, effortless comfy and chic all wrapped into one look. Try these tips with the styles I’ve curated above and don’t forget to tag me in those photos. Drop a comment below on if you’re excited to try this trend out!

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