The 70s Are Back in a Major Way This Fall

Retro styles are back in a major way this Fall. I know many want to leave some styles in the past, but it would be faux put to say that many designs weren’t influenced from past designs. I for one, love the retro inspired fits done in a modern way. Flare leg high waisted jeans, bright colors and groovy patterns are just a few of the nod to the 70s we’ve seen gracing the runways. Many of these designs are definitely groovy baby and I’m truly digging the vibes. Check out some ways you can incorporate this trend.

Bold Colors

Bright bold colors were definitely popular during the good ole 70s. Think bright oranges, yellow tones and shades of greens often complimented by neutral brown tones. This is an easy way to incorporate the trend without looking like a blast from the past. Try some fun colors, paired with a more minimal silhouette. A bright green blazer paired with denim or black. Colorblocking also is a great way to modernize the trend. If you’re feeling bold, try a bright colored suit.

Flared Pants

Wide legs are back in a major way. We’ve seen a shift from skinny jeans to the wider the better. I love a good wide leg pant because it’s flattering for many body types. It balances out a curvier figure and can make a shorter frame appear taller with a great heel. Make sure to tailor this type of pant to the appropriate length for a polished appeal. Rock it with your favorite knit sweater or a satin blouse loosely tucked. Don’t be afraid to drape a blazer on your shoulder for a polished finish.

Oversized Sunnies

If you’re not into the bold clothing patterns, accessories are always a great way to incorporate a trend without fear of overdoing it. What better way to step out in true 70 fashion than with a pair of oversized sunglasses. This is the epitome of retro chic and super easy to pull off. Because they’re oversized, normal face shape rules done tend to apply too much. It’s also fairly easy to achieve this look at any price point. So if you don’t want to break the bank, there are so many affordable options to consider.

Bold Patterns

this is probably one of my favorite ways to pay homage to the 70s. That era was filled with bold and psychedelic patterns like checkers, zig zags, florals and wallpaper prints. Colors like oranges, browns and shades of purple were huge and have definitely resurfaced this Fall 2021. My pants are part of a suit set from Zara, and definitely hits the 70s nail on the head. The zig zag wavy pattern and retro colors are right on point.

This is definitely for the style bold at heart, because it will leave a heavy impact. Be sure to modernize it with on trend Chunky platforms and sleek shilouettes. But don’t be afraid to go all the way with this one; highlight the fun pattern with a contrasting color like I did. I added the complimenting sunnies for a modern yet fun look.

I hope this blast from the past is giving you all the vibes this Fall. The colors, patterns and style vibes of the 70s are here in a big way and worth trying out. Is this a trend you’re into and willing to try? Drop a comment below. Until next time. Stay groovy!

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  1. Kawana Coy
    October 28, 2021 / 11:55 am

    The 70’s were so influential in our style. I love flares, they are my favorite piece from that era. The ones you are wearing are particularly GROOVY


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