The Bold and Beautiful; Houndstooth Print and how to Rock it Effortlessly

I have been absolutely smitten with houndstooth lately. Both a classic and trend, this bold statement pattern is all the rage right now.

Im sure you have seen this pattern many a day, even if you didn’t quite no what to call it. Its name is derived from just as it sounds. It mimics the shape of a dog’s tooth. It is also know as “shepherds check”, worn as an outer garment for shepherds. It originates from the Scottish lowlands and dates all the way back to the 19th century. Either definition, it is a great option to have in your wardrobe. Keep reading to see why this bold pattern is a must.

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Many may stray away from this pattern because, traditionally printed in black in white, it is rather striking and bold. Some think it’s only to be worn by the most daring or fashion mavens of the world. Well I’m here to tell you that everyone and anyone can wear this classic pattern. Matter of fact, I implore you to add this to your arsenal, if you don’t own any pieces already.

How to Wear It:

Because houndstooth is rather bold, the simplest way to style it is with a minimal color palette. Throwing on a hat or coat with an all black look would be sublime and an easy way to wear. You want such a statement to be just that; a statement. meaning you want it to be your conversation starter. So be cognizant that you don’t overpower your houndstooth piece by too many pairing it with too many conflicting styles.

Now the other way to go with this is completely over the top. Pair it with a bold color or if your very daring, do a head to toe houndstooth look. This will give such a fun and editorial vibe. Remember, confidence is key to achieve an outfit like this. I decided to do somewhat in between by pairing my coat with a pair of houndstooth tights and a hunter green bag and beret for a pop of color.

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Styles to Consider:

Traditionally you see houndstooth prevalent in styles like coats and suits. But like fashion tends to do, it has evolved into other categories like accessories and footwear. I think this is awesome for those who may want to dabble in the trend, but aren’t ready for a coat or full on suit. Try a bag or hat to a simple look for some pizazz. I’ve even spotted several boots that would make for a nice twist to an all black monochromatic outfit. Just consider what you will be the most confident wearing. It is available in skirts, pants, coats, nearly everything, so make sure that it not only flatters your body type; but your individual style.


So are we convinced now to try houndstooth? I hope so. It’s such a classy yet bold, whimsical yet sophisticated, classic yet on trend style. Its definitely worth a space in very gals wardrobe. Im excited to know if you own any houndstooth pieces or are considering. Comment below.

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