So summer is officially here, and we are starting to see light and bright clothing in full swing. Besides the usual switch to easy and breezy layers , denim makes its way to the forefront in multiple styles, including cutoffs and jean jackets. Denim is always a staple all year round but white denim makes a strong cameo for the summer months. It’s the perfect opportunity to get out of your funk of denim “blues” and freshen up for the season. Any style in white definitely lends a crisp and bright feel for summer, but everyone should have at least one pair of white denim to get you through the scorching months. White jeans are one of the most versatile and chic choices this time of year, however can be a mother to find a flattering pair. Here’s what you need to consider before purchasing the perfect pair of white denim.

1.) Choose the Best Silhouette For your Body Type

We know the plethora of options for denim; the list could go on an on. When selecting any shade of denim you want to consider the best style for you body type and style. This is no different when selecting a pair of white jeans. You may have a good idea of what styles work for your body, but if not, here are a few tips to consider.

Slim in Figure: Skinny styles and slim boyfriend/girlfriend styles. Look for styles that are labeled slim, straight or boyfriend, girlfriend.These can be regular or high waisted; although high waisted are a bit trickier to pull off. Now slim fit does not automatically mean jegging. Too stretchy of a white jean can come off as cheap and unsophisticated and more like a legging than pants. For boyfriend styles, make sure they are not too baggy so you give off more chic and less carpenter.

From top Left to Right: One / Two / Three / Four / Five / Six

Curvy figures: A straight pair works best. If you like to dress them up, a flare or skinny pair (not too snug) is also a good choice. I would avoid crop styles, unless you are tall and curvy. For petite curvy peeps like me, crop styles usually flare out at the break of the pant not flattering a wider hip or leg. Also if you choose a flare or bootcut, be sure to get them hemmed to the height of shoe you will be wearing with them. Many brands have saved us a trip to the tailor and made this so easy by offering options like short,tall, petite, etc. If you tend to wear flats all summer, maybe select a cropped or skinny pair that will compliment your shoe selection. It’s not cute to have your white jeans dragging; the right length will create a seamless silhouette. Not to mention the constant ring of black dirt and lent that will accumulate along the hem, which a wash in the machine will never do justice.

I am a bit curvier on the bottom, so I like to sport a boyfriend style (here’s the style I’m wearing). It’s not too tight, but still creates an alluring silhouette. The distress keeps them from being too serious, and the length allows me versatility to dress them up or down with a heel or flat. Whatever style of jeans usually work best for you, stick with it!

2) Skin Tight is Not Always Right

Choosing a blue pair of jeans is trial and error in itself, but choosing a pair in white is even trickier. It can be annoying at times, just like searching for the perfect white tee or swimsuit. Although fitted jeans can look ultra sexy at times, too tight white jeans do not always read as classy. White denim tends to show a little more (let’s be real, they show everything), so you want to make sure they fit your body well. You don’t want to see bulges, panty lines, underwear color or unwanted creases through your jeans. Opt for a pair with some breathing room so if you decide on a second and third plate (I’m not judging) at the family bbq, you won’t be showing those extra hamburger rolls through your pants. This doesn’t mean you want to be saggy sue. Make sure the fit is snug, without being too clingy.

Also make sure your undergarments are color appropriate. This is not the time to break out your neon florals. A solid color, preferably nude (and seamless) is best. I used to wear black underwear a lot thinking this solved the problem, but sometimes black can be seen through your jeans, depending on how thick of weight your denim is. Remember, nude means closest to your realistic skin tone; so for me this would be more of a mocha/chocolate.

3) Be Selective About Fabric

Because white denim is not always as forgiving, you want to make sure you invest in a good pair. In my opinion, a mid-weight, salvaged cotton is best. It usually has a soft broken in feel;not too stiff. You may have to pay a little more for a pair with a good weight of cotton. However, this doesn’t mean you have to splurge; there are several affordable options out there. But once you’ve spent you hard on coins (splurge or not) on that pair of denim, you want to care for it properly so they stay white. If you wash them too many times or machine dry them, it may start to take on a yellowish tint. This is why I suggest opting for a moderately priced pair, so in case they start to lose its brightness, you wont feel as bad. Opt to line dry until almost completely dry, then toss in the dryer for about 15 minutes just to get that fresh and more snug fit. Remember, most of us will only have one good pair of white denim (maybe 2) so make it a good one!

4) Choose Complimenting Colors to Pair

When wearing white on the bottom, you want to make sure your top is complimenting. An all white, monochromatic look always works; making you appear slimmer throughout. This is by far the chicest color combo I enjoy on a sunny day. It also doesn’t chop your body up by introducing too many colors. Also be careful of your shoe color choice when wearing white bottoms. A lot of people don’t consider this detail.

Too dark (like black) or too bright options will appear to harsh next to the white color. Neutral, light colors work best. They create a fresh and modern look. A neutral shoe is the answer if you want to be more playful ( mainly patterns and bright colors) with your top. However, you can mix this up when appropriate. Choosing white for your top/blouse gives you more options to introduce a color or pattern in your shoe choice. Neon would be a fun and on trend choice. My polka dot platforms work because the polka dot is white, toning down the coral color. Also, the canvas summery textile lends a more casual feel to compliment my distressed jeans.

So now that you’ve got a few guidelines, don’t be afraid to rock your white. You really cant go wrong with this color in the summer and it’s perfect for all your summer occasions. Some distressed white jeans for the barbecue or day at the beach is the perfect outfit. So keep your Tide to go pen handy in your purse, and go strut your white in these streets!



  1. Penney Rothmaller
    June 21, 2019 / 5:35 am

    This is great information! I can’t wait to go buy a new pair of white jeans this weekend! You helped take the stress out of knowing what to buy. What a big relief!! Thanks Angela Baltimore!!??

    • angela1983
      June 26, 2019 / 12:08 pm

      Thank you Penny. Glad you enjoyed the read. I cant wait to see what new white jeans you purchase!


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