Why the Combat Boot is Perfect to Wear with Any and Everything

There’s no denying that the combat boot is the “it” boot of the season. It has singlehandedly taken over the runways, streets and closets of fashionistas everywhere. It was just a few years back when The Prada Monolith removable pouch combat started the popular wave. Who would have thought so many would still be riding the trend wave with nearly every retailer diving in. Needless to say, it has become a new staple in a woman’s wardrobe and let me tell you why.

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Comfortably Chic

Lounging around in our homes the past few months due to the pandemic has generally put most of us into a comfort zone that’s hard to escape. This new routine includes comfy clothes at all cost. We’ve had no need for super fancy frocks and high heels alike. The combat boot is the perfect solution to this new normal. It’s comfortable without sacrificing style. Wear them to do your Target or Walmart stock up runs; and look fashionable at the same time. This is one major reason why the combat boot has rapidly become a wardrobe staple.

Black Combat Boots

Casual to Dressy

Another great feature of the combat boot is its’ versatility. It has the style capactiy to compliment a day time look of leggings and a sweater or dress down a cocktail dress for a night out. It looks great with everything from leggings to skirts to jeans; even gowns. For example, my Staud zebra dress is a dressy number one would usually pair a nice barely there sandal with for a dressy look. Pairing it with a combat boot gives it a casual chic edge that just works. The faux fur just elevates the look even more. Now I’m ready for date night without my dogs barking all night.

Options for Everyone

One of the best features of the combat boot is that there’s something for everyone. It’s a style anyone can wear no matter their size, height or style. It’s rare that you find an item of clothing that can be worn by anyone. There are also many price points to choose from, so there’s no limits on anyone who wants to try it out, getting their hands on a pair. By all means if you love the original Prada pair, go for it. But if your budget doesn’t allow, there are several great affordable and fashionable options to purchase.

White and Colored Combat Boots

The key to the combat boot being wearable by all is in the height selection. Combat boots come in ankle height, mid shaft and higher shaft heights. When selecting a combat boot be cognizant of your own height and/or what you will be styling them with. I chose a mid shaft as I am on the shorter side; plus I wanted to wear them with both leggings and shorter dresses. This height will work no matter what I chose to pair them with. If you keep those types of factors in mind when shopping, you’ll be sure to get the most use out of your pair.

Shorter Height

Ankle Height– wear with leggings, skinny pants

Higher shaft– wear with mini dresses or oversized sweater or top

Taller in Height

Ankle height– wear with floor length dresses and midi dresses

Mid shaft– wear with skinny jeans or with oversized cardgian or cropped leather jackt

High shaft– wear with mini dresses and oversized knits

So be sure and take the deep dive in. The combat boot is not going anywhere anytime soon. There are so many variations to choose from; there’s literally something for everyone. It is definitely a once major trend that has become a staple in the modern day woman’s wardrobe.

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