It’s A Wrap; Creative Hacks and Ideas for Wrapping your Holiday Gifts

Christmas is just a few days away and I couldn’t be more excited. Of course I want to see the expressions on my children’s faces as they discover what “Santa” has brought them. But to be completely honest I’m more concerned about how Santa aka Mwah (In my Mrs. Piggy voice) wrapping these said gifts more than the gift itself. I know it can be tempting to throw everything into a gift bag (just ask my hubby). But taking the time to wrap a gift shows much care and attention; adding to the significance of the gift itself.

I love, love, love to wrap presents, and want to share with you some of my tips. I’m dishing on my favorite place to purchase gift paper, tips to wrap and why this lost tradition should be readopted by all.

Presentation is key in most things and this reigns true across most topics. How a gift is wrapped is just as important as the gift itself. If a gift is presented pristinely, the receiver is already excited about what’s inside. Think about if you visit your favorite restaurant and how you feel when your food is thrown sloppily on a plate versus when it’s precisely placed and styled. Like I said; presentation is universal. And to be honest, you can purchase something inexpensive and make it look like you’ve spent major bucks just by how it’s wrapped.

The Best to Shop For Wrapping Paper :

So my ultimate favorite place to shop for wrapping paper is Homegoods. This is my one and only stop every year habitually to purchase. they have the most luxurious paper and such a great selection. The patterns are so unique and there’s a range from traditional to glam. However there are two more important features that makes it such a win. For one, not only are they pretty, but sturdy. You can wrap zillion gifts and the paper never rips. Two, they are super affordable. One roll will only set you back about $4 compared to upwards of $8-$10. and trust me, the quality is that of your more expensive brands. I never cease to get compliments on the wrapping paper of choice. Trust me, you MUST make this your place to shop moving forward.

For doodads like ribbons and such I like to frequent stores like Target and the Dollar Tree. When you have multiple gifts to wrap, and given the scarce amount of yards given, it can get pretty pricey. I find that these stores, especially, the Dollar tree has great quality ribbon. The color selection may be slim but it your looking for your basic patterns and metallics, this is the place to be.If your looking for something more specific you may ant to look online or try a craft store like Michaels or Hobby Lobby.

All of my ribbon this year was purchased from the Dollar Tree

The 3 Tape Rule

The key to wrapping is to use as little tape as possible. Some people load up a package with lots of tape which can make a package look tacky. If you cut the paper right, you should only need one piece to secure the center and one piece to secure each end (Double sided tape is best). If you are using a ribbon to complete the package, that will also give you extra reinforcement. Another great tip is to look for paper that has a grid, this will make it super simple to make an even cut.

Get Creative

The best part about wrapping is to be creative. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns and colors. My base pattern was tartan but, I thought leopard would make a nice compliment. I found some gorgeous leopard and snakeskin gift tags from Homegoods and it was the perfect touch.

You can also use unconventional item to wrap. Ornaments don’t just have to adorn your tree. Tie it to your gift for a little extra sparkle. Small jnglebells are also great to add glam and it can be nice to not only see but hear your gift coming.

This hack also works the other way around. I had leftover ribbon from my gifts not being used which I repurposed on my tree. The options are truly endless.

Now I know there are many who loathe wrapping gifts and would rather pay a person in the mall to do the dirty work for them. But honestly, wrapping gifts can be therapeutic and brings much of the joy of the holiday for me. I hope these tips may persuade you to become a wrapping machine, if you aren’t already. Gather the family and make it a party if you have to, I guarantee it will be a holly, jolly good time.

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