Yes you Can Wear Black in the Summer; My Foolproof Tips

Now I know you’re probably thinking did I just read the title correctly. Mrs. Baltimore talking about wearing black; the color queen herself. Yeah you’ve read it right. Although I’m an avid color lover, I do rock my occasional neutrals or black from time to time. I know summer is the time when you normally spot lots of whites and lighter colors, but what about those folks who love a good black ensemble. I’n here to tell you that you can still wear black in the summer months. Here are a few tips to consider when rocking the color.

Bright Accessories

One thing to consider is to lighten it up with your accessories. Here I’m wearing an all black outfit but decided to opt to style it with cream accessories. The cream shades, bag and shoes add a nicE effect for summer than all black. I chose white, but a pop of color in accessories is always a great way to brighten up your black pieces. Try a fun colored pair of sunglasses or a metallic shoe. Any bright color, other than black, definitely adds a summer vibe.

Lighter Fabrics

Try lighter fabrics when you want to wear darker colors. Black is a darker color that can attract heat, which is why you want to consider fabric choice when wearing. Opt for thinner , lightweight fabrics like linens and cottons. My blazer is 100 percent cotton, so although long sleeve, I am still rather cool from the heat. Now is the not the time to pull out a wool gaberdine blazer, you will most definitely melt with that on. Retailers usually always have seasonal fabrics in black styles, so be sure to check the tag info when ordering online or in store.

Cut Outs

Cut aways and cut outs are a great way to wear blacks in the summer. There are tons of dresses with great side cut out details or slits. It allows just enough breathability while adding a settle, sexy sophistication. These kinds of small details make your black pieces a little more season appropriate. I opted not to wear a layer under my blazer to keep cool and give a chic minimal vibe. I also paired it with a slit skirt for high fashion appeal, but that also totally feels summer ready.


I hope these few tips have helped you navigate rocking your black pieces in the summer. Just because the temps have warmed up, doesn’t mean you need to store all of your dark colors away. It’s all about knowing how to style them appropriately for the season. So let me know in the comments below, do you wear black in the summer or stick to lighter colors?

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