Faux Leather For Fall; The Styles to Buy and How to Style Them

Fall is seriously right around the corner and it’s to time transition your wardrobe accordingly. Some of the seasonal must haves include, scarves, trench coats, light sweaters, knits and boots. But one of my must haves this Fall is faux leather. Not only is it more cost efficient than real leather, there are so many options just as chic. If this isn’t on your fall checklist, it’s surely worth adding sis. Not sure what to buy, keep reading for all of my tips and favorite picks to shop faux leather this season.

Colors to Consider: Because you are opting for faux leather instead of the real thing, color is very important. I recommend sticking to neutral colors to still exude a sophisticated and expensive feel. Sometimes bright colors may appear cheap in faux leather; and lets face it; leather exudes a rich and luxe aesthetic. So even though you’re opting for faux, the same luxe look should be portrayed. My suggested colors would be black, cream, shades of brown (chocolate,cognac, camel) and I’m loving the color sage this Fall.

Jumpsuits and Dresses:

Styles to Purchase:

There are a sleuth of styles to consider, but when thinking of faux leather here are my suggestions to exude chic. Dresses, blazers, and trousers. These styles are my go tos because in my opinion they usually are well constructed, which means they will tend to look more elevated and expensive. Now this doesn’t mean that you can’t purchase other styles, but just be careful that they still exude luxe. Faux leather shoes and bags can sometimes have a shiny or waxy feel and look, so be cognizant when selecting. Here are a few of my favorites!

Blazers and Jackets:

Pants and Skirts:

How to Style :

Faux leather is so chic so there’s no need to over style. Minimal and simplistic works best. Styling wth chunky knits and monochrome is always a win. Try a chunky turtleneck with a faux leather pant. Another great option is monochrome; wearing tones of all one color; like black or cream. The key to this is to mix up the textures for a rich and elevated look. Try a thin tissue turtleneck or silk blouse with a faux leather skirt or pant. If you want to opt against the neutral approach add a complimentary color in an accessory like my red shoes here. Snakeskin also works well as an accent as it is usually composed of neutral colors,lending itself to perfectly complimenting any color. Try a snakeskin boot with a dress or add a clutch to complete you look.


I hope these tips have encouraged you to jump on the faux leather band wagon, if you haven’t been a rider already. There are so many chic colors and styles to try this season. Remember that this is a substitute for the real thing, so no need to go overboard on spend. You can find some great faux leather items for a great price. Remember to incorporate my tips and I cant wait to you slay this trend this Fall.



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