M is for Monochrome: How to Master this Style Hack

You guys know I am no stranger to color. You rarely catch me in a lot of black or white, I am a true color lover. As a former painter (you may have learned something new about me) color is in my DNA. There are so many beautiful colors; but what I love most is that they create so many tones within itself. So many shades or tones of one color is what defines monochrome. If you master this style hack, dressing monochromatically lends an easy chic pulled together look. Here are some tips to pulling this off.

Vary Your Tones:

The term monochromatic is derived from a single base hue which is extended using its shades, tones and tints. In regards to styling, this means dressing head to toe in several shades of one color. This is the starting point to pulling off this stylish way of dressing. Two great tips with this.

1) You can choose any color to implement

2) There’s no such statement as not matching

For instance if you choose blue as your color of choice; try mixing varying tones like navy, powder blue, and sapphire; the list goes on. Take my outfit, I mixed bubblegum pink with fuchsia. Varying the tones keeps your look from feeling flat and gives a more luxe appeal.

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Vary your Textures:

Now that you have varying tones, you must also vary textures. When creating your outfit steer away from all of one fabric for the entire look; instead mix up the media. For example if your wearing black; try a black silk blouse with a black leather pant and a black embossed shoe. Mixing textures and fabrics, elevates your look and creates interest. This is important as when selecting just one color; you want to make sure your final look is interesting. In my look I mixed a satin slip skirt with an organza top, finished with an embossed croc sandal. Whatever color you choose, just be sure to play around with fabric choices.

Wear the Color from Head to Toe:

The key to monochrome being just one color, means just that; stick to one color. I’ve seen some mix it up by throwing in a pop of color in a shoe or bag. Although this may be perfectly appealing, monochrome has the most impact when your color selection reads from head to toe. For example, my base was pink but I also selected a pink handbag and sunnies to complete the look. If you try to throw in a different color here; you’re now entering the world of colorblock, which is fine for a different look and day.

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So what say you about this whole monochromatic hack? With these tips it’s a lot easier to pull off than you may have thought. Look through your closet and see how many tones of one color you have to pull together for a chic look. I know you will love this trend, and it’s a perfect yet easy way to create interest, personality and instant chic.

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