Why You Need a Fedora this Fall

We barely got a taste of summer due to the pandemic, and fall has quickly reared its’ beautiful aroma of pumpkin and crisp autumn air. If you’re like me, I’m sure you have started making your checklist of items you need thiS fall. We know to include the usual, cardigans, boots and light knits, but make sure a fedora is on your list. Sure there are several styles of hats to choose from, but the fedora is a must. The fedora is a chic, practical and always stylish addition to any wardrobe. Keep reading to find out why you need one and to check out some of my favorite picks!

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I have always loved a good hat and the fedora is by far my favorite. Newsboy caps, beanies are all great, but in my opinion, the fedora is the only one that transitions different aesthetics. It is so versatile. It can go from casual to dressy. Pair it with jeans and a t-shirt, your favorite sweatshirt paired with leather trousers,a babydoll dress, pencil skirt, sweater dress and boots; the possibilities are endless. Don’t even get me started on coats. Whether it’s a denim jacket, trench, cape or wool overcoat, the fedora adds the perfect finishing touch.

Neutral Colors:

The structure is what I love. Its form is what lends itself to making any look look chic and elevated. As far as what colors are best, I believe you can’t go wrong. Every girl should own at least a black, camel and white/off-white. Once you have these to start you can now opt for more fun options like fatigue green, chocolate brown, red, yellow, even pink. I just ordered a cherry red one to jazz up some camoflauge pants.

Another great characteristic is that you don’t have to splurge. There are so many great affordable options out there, so you can definitely try this style at any budget. Just make sure if you opt for a less expensive style, it still has a great structure, and doesn’t have any unwanted bends, mainly along the brim.

Fun Colors

Whatever your style, the fedora is the final touch you need. It transitions to so many different looks and pretty much looks good on everyone, no matter your face shape. I hope you give it a try this season , if you haven’t already. Are you into the fedora or no? Let me know if you’re a hat person and your favorite style below.



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