5 New Year’s Eve Ideas  to Safely Ring in 2021 at Home

Needless to say the year 2020 has been one to remember. The many prayers for this unprecedented year to end has finally come to be bid adieu. We all know that the pandemic has put a damper on many plans, including the holidays. A time where we normally look forward to gather with friends and family, looks a lot different this year. Like myself, many of us are planning to ring in the new year safely at home. For this reason I thought I’d round up some fun ideas that won’t have you missing going out one bit. Here are 5 socially distanced ideas to bring in 2021 from the comfort of your home.

Dress Up:

Just because you may not be counting down on the town, doesn’t mean you still ‘ dress to the nines. Bring out all the glitz and glamour, sparkle and shine; straight to your living room. When we look good, we feel good. Dressing up is an instant mood booster and will definitely put you in the mindset of the nights’ festivities. You can be as dressy or as casual as you please. You can also opt for something in between; I paired a cozy sweater with an over the top sequin skirt for a great juxtaposition. The great thing is that if you decide to wear the six killer heels that compliment your outfit, your only one couch away from giving your barking dogs a rest.

Create a Photobooth

Now that your all dressed up, you can’t let that fabulous outfit go to waste. Head to the store and pick up lots of glittery decorations to drape over a backdrop. No need to splurge; you can simply use a plain bed sheet you may already have lying around. Or if you’re not feeling creative, utilize that Amazon prime and order one. This can be a fun project for singles, couples or family and friends. Once it’s decorated, strike a pose and capture the last moments of 2020 with your close friends.

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Make a Scrapbook

We all know 2020 has been a year for the books, so why not create your own. Making a scrapbook allows you to document in your own way and makes for a great keepsake. Purchase several scrapbooks and have everyone bring their favorite pictures/memories or clippings to add. Have a printer and/or magazines on hand in case anyone needs more scraps to add. The great thing about this activity is that it can be done in person or virtually. Create a zoom with family or a few friends and you all can create together, sharing photos and memories the whole night.

Dance Party/Playlist

What’s a celebration without music, right? Just because your not rocking out in the latest club or backstage party doesn’t mean you cant boogie down at home. Make a playlist of your favorite songs and dance the night away. Here’s another great way you can interact with friends. Do a playlist swap with some of your family and friends. Everyone create a list with their favorite songs of the year and swap with each other for the evening. It’s a great way to party while learning all about your bestie’s taste in music!

Virtual Toast

We know that New Years is not only associated with the glitz but a little bit of bubbly. Since your at home you create your own cocktails. You can have a signature drink for the evening or a mix your own drink bar. To be even more creative, have a cocktail swap with your friends or family. Share your favorite recipes ahead of time and virtually toast to the new year. Since I don’t drink I’ll be relying on my good ole sparkling apple cider. Martinelli’s always comes through for ya girl.

So you see, just because we may not be able to hit the town, doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate the new year in normal fashion. 2020 has been filled with so many lows, losses and grief for many; we all deserve to celebrate the accomplishment of just making it to 2021. The fact that we’re alive and here to see another year is reason to celebrate alone.

I wish you all have a happy, blessed and safe New Year. Heres to 2021; not dwelling on the past but celebrating the great things in store for our future.

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