5 New Year’s Style Resolutions to Start 2021

It’s the start of a new year and we’ve already begun to list our diet changes, career goals and prospective social statuses in the form of New Year’s resolutions. We’ve eliminated carbs for the umpteenth time, vowed to save more and spend less and finally read the best sellers list. But while you’re making all of these resolutions to improve your quality of life, don’t forget to consider your style resolutions. We may say we want to present ourselves better or embrace a certain fashionista’s style, but we never put a plan to action. Elevating your style requires planning as well. I suggest setting style resolutions in addition to your normal ones. It will give you clear vision and keep you on track yearly for attaining the next level of style you want to achieve.

Clean Your Closet

Starting the year off with a clean closet will set you up for success. This means, getting rid of items you can no longer fit, that you no longer wear, and items that no longer bring you joy. You want to feel inspired when you go to your closet, and you will only continue to pull these pieces out and put them right back in without wearing them. This also includes pieces that are damaged, heavily soiled, torn and items you’ve never gotten around to tailoring or altering. If it is salvageable and something worth saving, be sure to get it repaired and/or tailored so that you will be able to wear it next time you reach for it. Now this doesn’t mean you have to edit your entire closet. Start with your winter and spring pieces and then do a second audit once the summer rolls around.

Try New Color Combos

I know, I know, wearing neutrals is so easy and it can be daunting to try new things. But trust me, incorporating unexpected and new color combinations shows people your style savvy. Strolling down the street and seeing a sea of neutrals can get boring at times. It is a new year which means it’s a good time to try something new. Try incorporating a new color combo at least once a month and build up from there. A good place to get ideas of what colors work together is the color wheel or from instagram and Pinterest. Check out my post on color combinations below

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In my outfit I’ve paired primary colors red and blue together (a cool trick of the color wheel) and complimented with chocolate brown; a color that works well with both colors.

Wear A Style in a New Way

It’s no shocker that most people are creatures of habit. We go with what we know. This is no different when it comes to style. When you have a particular article of clothing, we tend to wear it the same way as a part of the same outfit each time we wear it. This year, try taking that same piece and styling it 3 different ways. This is a good rule of thumb when purchasing new items. You want to be able to wear something at least three different ways in order for it to be considered a good investment. Take pictures of your styled looks; now you will have a reference for when you want to wear it again. This will not only expand the options of your wardrobe, but will keep people guessing.

Invest in At least One Investment Piece

Now this one some may disagree with, but I feel is important. A great wardrobe cannot be be built on trends alone. You must consider quality over quantity. It just so happens quality often comes with a hefty price tag. But I’m here to tell you that some of these pieces are worth the investment, when you consider something called cost per wear. Read more about it in my ebook The ABCS of Style: 26 Hacks to Transform Your Style. This is why setting a goal of 1 piece per year is a good start. You can always increase that amount if your budget allows or maybe if you score some major sales.

Investment pieces are he foundation of a good staple wardrobe. Think styles like a great everyday bag, blazer, black dress, nice fitting denim, etc. These are items you will reach for time after time so you want to make sure you have a great quality style that won’t wear too fast. You may pay a little more up front, but its definitely worth the price when you consider how many times and ways you can wear the piece.

Below I am wearing two investment pieces. I purchased this Oscar de la Renta Blazer during a Neiman Marcus closing sale. I purchased the Louis Vuitton toiletry 26 about a year ago, but I have definitely worn it more times than I can count. The key is to make sure it’s timeless and versatile.

Shop Some of My Favorite Investment Pieces Below

Dress for Your Current Size:

So many times I hear people say they will dress nice or buy nice clothing once they reach their ideal weight. Or I hear people dwell on a size they used to be in hopes of fitting back into those garments. Trust me ladies; you will feel more confident and look more radiant embracing the size that you currently are. In my hey day I was a double zero and I hung onto many a garments thinking I would get to rock them again. But trust me, while you’re holding on to the past or unknown future size, your missing out on being a fabulous fashionista today. Style knows no size, so learn to embrace where you are and embody it to the fullest.

Now these are just a few resolutions I thought would be great to start with, but you can totally feel free to come up with your own. Some of my personal ones include purchasing two designer handbags(investment pieces), doing less impulse buying and lastly shopping more black owned designers and boutiques. Whatever style goals you give yourself, make sure they are achievable and helping to elevate you on the style success ladder.

I would love to hear your style resolutions. be surety drop a comment below!

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