7 Ways to Make Boss Women Moves

I know you’ve heard so many terms with the word boss in it. “Woman Boss”, Boss up, Live Like A Boss, and so on. A lot of times we associate boss with money. There’s the idea that one must be rich to be a boss. Although these two can coincide together, I look at the word in a facet of its’ definition. Being a boss is about taking charge. It’s being proactive about the things you desire for your life and that will help you to level up. It’s about taking charge of not just your finances, but your relationships, your family and so much more. It’s about not just dreaming about a fantasy but taking the steps to make it a reality; not by the world’s standards but by yours and God’s. Making boss moves is a lifestyle and here are some ways you can start to implement being a boss on your terms.

Do Your Research

In order to boss up you have to be knowledgeable about whatever it is you want to do. Don’t simply rely on what others tell you can happen or how something works. Let me tell you, Google is an infinite resource. Also, tap into people you know and don’t know, ask questions. You will be surprised at how much people will share, even strangers. Gather a significant amount of data and make moves based on knowledge not emotion. KNOWLEDGE IS WEALTH, and the more you obtain, the more informed and strategic decisions you can make. A lot of times we miss out on opportunities and leveling up simply because we didn’t do the research or the work.

Start A Side Hustle

Now this is not saying there’s anything wrong with working a nine to five or that you have to start a whole business. But if there’s anything to take away from this pandemic and the state of our world currently, is don’t put your eggs all in one basket. Everyone should strive to have at least 7 streams of income, so starting with just one additional is a major boss up move. This will help you to have more control over your future and destiny and not have to rely on someone else to determine the life you can live. Think about a talent or something people tell you you’re good at and think of a way to monetize it. Start with what you already have and what you’re naturally good at and implement a plan. Remember, you don’t have to know A-Z to start. Just start!

Mentor Someone

Part of being a boss is also about leading. You can’t obtain a wealth of knowledge and secrets and not be willing to share with someone else. In traditional work settings some say you should always be training up your replacement; so in real life it’s no different. You should always be depositing something into another person and helping another to accomplish their dreams. This encourages others to look at you as a boss, even with no title attached.


Bossing up doesn’t necessarily mean you literally have to be the boss of something or someone. It really is majorly an attitude. When you exude confidence and attitude people will naturally flock to you. They will see something in you that they want to emulate. A woman can be a boss at any level and in doing anything. Make sure that whatever it is that you’re doing you maintain a great level of confidence; not arrogance. Think about why you follow certain people. Yes, they may do cute make up tutorials or wear nice outfits, but ultimately it is because of their level of confidence in what they’re doing. They are sure of themselves and their mission; if they weren’t you most certainly would tell. Whatever it is you are doing be sure to exude confidence; not arrogance. This will place you in a position to always make boss moves.

Be Open to Evolve

Even McDonalds had to change the recipe of their fries over and over again, why do you think you will get it right on the first try? In order to make boss moves you have to BE OPEN TO GROW AND EVOLVE. No company or person can be successful without change. In a relationship we must, evolve, with our parenting skills we must evolve, with our jobs we must evolve; so it’s no different with our individual goals. You must be open to hear that what you are doing may not be working and that just maybe your idea isn’t the best idea. Trust me, I know this is a hard pill to swallow; but you’ll thank me for it. In theory, always be open to attend several feasts at several tables, chew on the meat and spit out the bones.

Charge Your Worth

Many times you will always hear people say “Oh that’s too high” or “No One is Going to Pay for That” and what they really mean is “I’m not willing to invest in that” or “Her quality is out of my price range at the moment.” You can’t boss up if your constantly undervaluing what you bring to the table by giving away freebies or lowering your price to meet someones budget. You have to know the value you bring to the table, whether in your business, at work or even in a relationship. If the other party is not at your level, it doesn’t mean your level is too high. Sometimes it means that is just not your customer, or not the person for you. The reality is people work and pay for what they want. And if you know that what you have to offer is quality, stand strong on your worth. Those people will either level up or level off. be patient and the people will come that understand your value.

Don’t Settle

The last point brings me to my final point. DON’T SETTLE! I saved this one for last; not because the others aren’t of importance but this sums everything up. IN ORDER TO BE A TRUE BOSS, YOU HAVE TO KNOW WHEN TO SETTLE. You have to be able to wait for what you truly deserve and desire even if it means turning something down. We don’t have to settle for a good enough job, a good enough man, or good enough salary. This happens a lot when others project their ceiling levels on us and try to cap us there. Your path is yours alone, and your visions are yours alone. Sometimes others can’t see how far you can and dream as big as you can. Don’t let others dictate your prosperity, comfort level or the life you deserve. Always remember, only settle if you logically choose to. Don’t allow others to make you feel like what you have is the best you’re going to get.

Are you ready to boss up this year? Remember bossing up is not just about a title or money. In summary it means taking charge. Take charge of your spirituality, career, your peace, etc. It involves not settling for what others say you can have, but the abundant life God says you deserve.

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  1. March 10, 2021 / 9:40 pm

    Yassss I agree with everything mentioned. This look is everything as well too!!

    • angela1983
      March 12, 2021 / 6:37 pm

      Thanks for reading Lakeisha and thank you. Yes bossing up is a mindset first. Here’s to more boss babes this year


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