How to Wear The Bralette Trend for an Everyday Chic Look

This pandemic has definitely changed many of our ideas about getting dressed daily. Workwear has definitely shifted from suits and business casual to just plain ole casual. My cart has been filled with a plethora of sweats, comfy knits and anything that remotely resembles something super cozy and comfortable; including lingerie. Bra tops have definitely been in my weekly roundup of attire. Now that the world is getting somewhat back to normal, we have to think about transitioning back to normal clothes; or at least how to make these trends work outside of the comfort our home. I’m showing how to transition your bralette top from couch slouch to city chic for a great everyday look!

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Go for Sophistication

Because a bralette is a take on a bra, you don’t want to literally look like you’re wearing a bra. You always want to make sure when wearing it , outside the comfort of your home, that you style it in a sophisticated manner. My suggestion to keep it cute and sophisticated is to always layer it. Even if it’s super hot out, I wouldn’t recommend wearing it alone. Layering it is always the way to go to keep it tasteful. Here are my top ways to style the bralette top.

With a Blazer:

If you’ve read my ebook , The ABCs of Style; 26 Style Hacks to Elevate your Style, then you know adding a blazer is my first tip. A well tailored blazer instantly elevates a look. It creates polish and can dress up a pair of jeans, a dress or even sweatpants. Wearing a blazer over your bralette keeps a bit of mystery and will definitely get your unmentionables mentioned; in a good way.

One tip I always go by is opt for a longer bralette to resemble the look of a cami versus a bra.

Wear Over A White Button-down Shirt:

Don’t make the mistake of thinking your button down shirts are just for the office tucked into a pencil skirt. I love the look of a bralette over top of a white button down. This look is a unique take on the trend and can be casual or dressy. Ideas to keep in mind:

  1. Make sure you have a longer button down shirt: If your shirt is too short, it wont create the right proportions. Anytime you’re layering you want to consider texture as well as length. One layer should be a little longer so you don’t chop your body in an unflattering way.
  2. Make sure your button down is fresh, and crisp. For this look you want to make sure it looks sharp, so a wrinkled or too casual option will not work as well. Choose a good quality stretch cotton and maybe leave your linen shirt for another day.
  3. Pair with jeans (rolled up is preferred) for a casual look; and pair it with a heel. For a dressy look pair with a fitted midi skirt, or leather pants. For the bralette I would most likely opt for a darker color like black to give it more of evening feel. Some lighter colors can work, but just be cognizant that the shade of color doesn’t look too casual like it should be worn during the day.
  4. Opt for a contrasting color, preferably a darker one. This will look best when paired against the white blouse. My suggestion would be to play around with colors to make sure there’s enough contrast, but I would most likely steer away from white. White undergarments already have a tendency to resemble your grandmother’s and pairing it over a white shirt will only make the look dated.

Pair it With a Suit

Now this style tip is not one I would recommend for the office, but is one of my favorites. Sometimes it can be tough to style a suit when you don’t want to look too stuffy or like you are headed into the office. Styling with a bralette is the perfect option. It keeps your suit look sophisticated with a hint of sexy.

If your wearing your suit for a night out I would choose a darker color like black or charcoal. Pair with a chunky gold necklace and mini bag and you’re good to go. If you want a more daytime look, pair with a nude bralette, instead of white. Nude will have a more chic look and softer appearance for daytime. It also will match no matter what color your suit is. Keep your jewelry minimal and if you want to be a little fun; complete the look with a sneaker.

Bonus Ways to Style:

Wear over a t-shirt

Wear under a sheer top

Wear under a cardigan

Wear underneath a jumpsuit

Wear with a co -ord set

Wear underneath overalls

Well I hope these tips have changed your view on lingerie as a trend. Style is about reimagining and repurposing. Utilizing this mindset always lends itself to lots of fun and innovative looks. Adopting this mindset with the bralette will yield a settle sexy, sophisticated and stylish look. It’s perfect for a day out with girlfriends or a night out with a significant other. So don’t be afraid to wear your undergarments outside (within reason of course) and let me know f you would rock this trend.



  1. October 5, 2020 / 2:12 pm

    Great look girl! Love that’s it’s versatile!

    • angela1983
      October 5, 2020 / 5:03 pm

      Thanks Lakeisha. I definitely plan on rocking the bralette all of these ways.

  2. kawana Smith Coy
    October 16, 2020 / 10:25 am

    Very helpful.. I feel these are great tips to feel covered up and confident yet feminine and in trend .. I really enjoy the idea of putting a bralette over a top ??

    • angela1983
      October 16, 2020 / 9:27 pm

      Thanks for reading Kawana. Cant wait to see how you style this trend.


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