Lilac: 3 ways to Style the New it Color

I must admit, purple has not always been my go to choice of color. I’m not sure if it had anything to do with a friendly rivalry of the pink girls vs. the purple girls with a few of my neighbors as a kid. I was of course team pink; no surprise that’s my favorite color. Anywho, my relationship has really skewed to a new found love of this hue, specifically lilac. I noticed I did not own much in purple, and recently have been purchasing so many cool new pieces especially in lilac. Purple can be a little intimidating to wear, but it is all the rave right now. I’m going to give you some options that work great with this color so you can style it effortlessly.

Pastels: Lilac is usually a pastel color associated with our Easter best outfits. However, it has so much more chic potential than we know. Take a cue from this hues color wheel family and pair it with other pastels. Because pastels are lightly saturated colors, they naturally work well paired with each other. They are not competing for attention since they are more muted and toned down. This is why you often see spring dresses full of pastel florals. You can literally pair any pastel color together and it will work.

Lilac and Butter Yellow

Lilac and Powder Blue

Lilac and Pale Pink

Lilac and Mint

Lilac and Apricot

In this case, I’ve chosen to pair a few pastels together for a chic summer look. So dispel the idea of only wearing lilac and pastels during Easter and try one of these combinations all year round.

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White and Black: Lilac paired with white or black is a great option if you want a more understated yet fresh approach. White will give it an airy vibe while black will lend a more edgy vibe. Either way you can’t go wrong. If you are less of a risk taker, this is a great way to wear a more daring color without doing too much. I’m sure you have a basic white or black piece to style with.

Below I paired both white and black with my lilac moto jacket. The white satin skirt softens up the edginess of both the black and moto style of the jacket.

Rich /Jeweltone Colors: If you’re really feeling bold pair your lilac with a really vibrant or jeweltone hue. This will really amp up the color play. I plan to do this as I add more purple into my wardrobe. Jeweltones really add a richness and sophistication to an outfit. The highly saturated pigments of these colors lend well to lighter counterparts. Opt for contrasting colors; there are so many jeweltone combinations that will work wonderfully with lilac. You can even do a monochrome look with amethyst purple and lilac. The options are endless. Here are a few more of my favorite color combinations.

Lilac and Red

Lilac and Emerald Green

Lilac and Sapphire Blue

Lilac and Mustard

Lilac and Chocolate Brown

I hope these tips and color combos have been helpful. Lilac has been popping up all over runways and retailers. This pastel hue can transition from Spring to Summer and right into the Fall season with the proper color pairings. Shop some of my favorite lilac pieces below. I cant wait to see how you style them!



  1. Kawana Coy
    June 30, 2020 / 10:50 am

    This is a great read … makes you think about and look at color differently… Bold and beautiful

    • angela1983
      June 30, 2020 / 10:54 am

      Thanks for reading. Lilac is definitely a cool color that is underated!


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