My Luxury Wishlist 2022

As an avid shopper, it’s safe to say I’ve accumulated on going lists of swoon worthy items I want. Lots of these wants have now become a need as I can’t seem to get them out of my mind. I know we all have those items that have gone from mere facets of our imagination to must haves. This is especially true for luxury items that tend to come with a luxe price tag; which may cause one to pace oneself in obtaining. When making such investments making a wishlist is a great idea.

With so many luxury items promoted by and made Instafamous, you want o make sure you’re buying items that suit your taste and lifestyle; not someone else’s. Making a wishlist allows you to really be certain about these particular items that can cost a pretty penny; and be sure they’re not merely impulse buys. It also allows you to access which items will be most essential to your personal wardrobe. Finally, we all now how we can fall in and out of love with things; making purchases subject to change. Making a wishlist lets you narrow down the peices you truly love and, are absolutely must haves. Keeping those things in mind; here’s my luxury wishlist for 2022.

Fendi Sunshine Tote

Now this past year, I’ve really had a different outlook on purchasing because I’ve literally gone nowhere. I don’t see that changing anytime soon, but when I finally do decide to leave the house, I definitely want to be sporting this tote. When it first came out I took a liking to it but, being into mini bags I’m normally not much of a tote girl. I’ve never actually owned one, even in my corporate work days. But honey chile, this one has definitely got a hold on me. The solidification came when I saw Mary J Blige sporting the medium sized version in black on an episode of Power Book 2. At that moment it became a need. I love the sleek sophistication of it. The contrasting tortoise handle adds just the right amount of juxtaposition. I also love how the black on black embossing is a bit more settle than some of the other colors. However, if someone wants to gift it to me I won’t be mad receiving any of the colors. I think this tote, in the black especially, is a timeless and necessary piece.

Gucci Ophedia GG Mini Bag

Next on my list is another bag. I you remember last year, one of my style resolutions was to add more designer bags to my collection. I was never much of a bag girl; but more of a shoe girl, but lately that’s all I’ve been wanting. I discovered I am very much a Gucci girl, and two of my additions last year were from this Italian luxury house. The gold lame mini Dionysus, and Marmont round bag. I just think this little Ophedia is adorable and a nice addition to any collection. I love the nod to the retro Gucci design and the webbing. And although small, It does fit most phones, which two mini bags I purchased last year did not. This essential for me. ThIs little number, is classic yet so on trend. The price isn’t bad either, ringing in under $1000 so it’s a great price point to add some luxury in your life.

Gucci Diana/ Small Jumbo GG Bag with Bamboo

I know, I know another Gucci and another bag, but I told you I’m a Gucci girl. Two of the items I’m wearing (my Marmont belt and logo tights) in this post are Gucci and were once on some of my previous years’ luxury wishlist. I just love both of these bags; so they’re neck and neck right now. I love the oversized jumbo GGs as a modern twist to the classic. I also love the bamboo handle. Although the solid leather colors in the Diana are equally as gorgeous, I just love how versatile this monogram pattern is. Honestly I would be happy with either one of these

Valentino Belt

Now this one is a carryover from last year, but I still have it on my list. I gave it a little time to see if I would be over it, and newsflash; I’m not. I love the versatility of it being reversible. It’s like getting two belts for the price of one. This belt is great over a dress or to add pizazz to a solid coat. I definitely plan on adding this to my collection this year. I also don’t own many belts so it will definitely get lots of wear.

Tom Ford Soleil Blanc Perfume

Perfumes have definitely been on my radar this past year. The hubby has been purchasing me a new scent for each major occasion. Last year I added Baccarat Rouge 40, Gucci Bloom, Chanel mademoiselle, Valentino Born in Roma and most recently, YSL Black Opium. I smelled Soleil Blanc on a visit to Saks a few months back and I definitely categorized it as a void in my collection. I tend to like sweeter scents and this one is slightly sweet but very light; which I like. Not to mention I’m a sucker for great packaging and I love how minimal and clean the bottle is and will look stunning with my other fragrances on display.

Cha-nel Logo Drop Earrings

At the moment I don’t own any designer earrings besides my David Yurman pearl studs. I really want to add more quality and less quantity in the jewelry department. As a big lover of earrings, I find it only fitting to start here. And you guys know I love a good statement and I just adore the Chanel ones every time I see them. They classic but somewhat dramatic, which suits me to a tee. They add just enough uumph to any outfit and Im sure I will wear them nonstop.

Now my list is somewhat short this year. I still have a few runners up carried over from last year like the Manolo Blahnik Hangisi pumps and the Hermes clic clac bangle in white. However, my new list has taken precedence over these items for now. Also, this list is ongoing so I will add items as they come up and reevaluate accordingly. But they still remain on the list. I’m looking forward to seeing which items will be crossed of my list this year. What do you think of my selections and which items are on your list? Drop a comment below.

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