What goes around comes back around. This couldn’t be more true for the explosive eruption of neon back on the fashion scene. If you’ve watched any episode of “I Love the 80s” than you’ve definitely seen that craze on the likes of celebrities; including Cyndi Lauper and Madonna. Back then it was more commonly known as fluorescent; still seen today in the commonly known shades of pink,green,yellow and orange. Well these shades are not just for highlighters and post its anymore but am opportunity to make a major fashion statement.

I personally don’t think this trend will be around for long, but it is one of my favorite Spring trends to give a whirl. I think if you are looking to try out this trend, here are a few ways to do it.

1.) Stick to Simple Modern Silouettes:

Because this trend was heightened in the 80s doesn’t mean you want to look like your stuck in the 80s. Choosing biker shorts in a neon hue may not be the best way to go; I mean as much as I loved Saved By the Bell, i don’t want to look like Kelly Kapowski. Choosing more modern pieces with clean lines will keep you from looking dated. Try a blazer dress, slip skirt, sweatshirt, or simple bodycon dress to keep it modern and fresh.

2.) Don’t be Rainbow Brite

Rocking the neon trend is a bold enough statement , so don’t overdue it. Pairing with neutrals is the best option to keep you polished. Whites, blacks, and nude are the way to go. Its not to say you cant mix a color in, but just be mindful of your selection. For a fun pop, you can always add a neutral snakeskin for a little flair. This adds interest but doesn’t overpower. I’ve paired my dress with a snakeskin shoe; but a bag or belt could also be a fun statement.

3) Dive Into Accessories

For some, wearing a neon blazer or dress may be too much of a lewk. That’s where accessories come in; they’re a great way to wear the trend. There have been many cool neon shoes and bags out in the market right now. I love this option because like I mentioned, I don’t think this will be around too long. You don’t want to invest in a piece you will most likely only be wearing for a few months. Popular sites like Asos(my fave) Forever 21 and Zara have some great inexpensive options.

So are you bold enough to rock the neon trend? I say why not. I believe 2019 is the year for trying new things and not being afraid to just go for it. Neon is definitely a bold and bright statement that says you’re not afraid to play with fashion. If you want to give it a whirl, here are some of my faves right now to take it back to the future!

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