Opposites Attract: Using Complimentary Colors for fresh Color Combinations

People often admire my fun color combinations and wonder where I come up with them. If you ask me, I really believe any color can be worn together, but there are some foolproof tips that I go by. One of those tips is using complimentary colors. Complimentary colors are the perfect match to one another just like peanut butter and jelly. Well if you’re wondering how to find out what colors are complimentary to each other; keep reading. You’ll be thanking me by the end of this read for such a simple way to amp up your color style game.


No need to stress, you don’t have to compile color combinations on your own. A great tool to use is the color wheel. This basic elementary tool shows how colors relate to each other. I must say, having dabbled in painting for several years, that has definitely helped my eye for color. But when you think about it , art and mixing colors starts from the same base; the color wheel. So as you see there’s no need to reinvent the color wheel; just start utilizing it.

Complimentary colors are basically opposites. This means you can take any two colors opposite each other on the color wheel and it’s a match made in heaven. You simply can’t go wrong using this tip. Try it out and see. Why do you think red and green are the signature colors for Christmas? Orange and blue, yellow and purple, pink and green; they just all work so well. The great thing about this hack is that you don’t have to be bound to any one particular shade. As long as they’re in that color family, feel feel to play around with different variants of a color.

So now that you know how to pair complimentary colors, let’s get into some of my favorite combinations. You guys know I’m a pink girl at heart so pink and green is probably one of my favorite combinations. I’ve styled these colors so many different ways. Check out a few below.

Orange and blue is another fave. I wear this combination often and I feel this one is really easy to try out if your new to color pairing. It’s not too overpowering and looks great own most skin tones. Here I’ve paired my orange color block dress with blue accessories. So you see it doesn’t always have to be in your clothing combos. You can always pair your colors using accessories. Try out a red bag with a green dress or a green shoe with your pink outfit. Have some fun and don’t overthink it; everything will work out.

Yellow and purple is another favorite. This one can be a little scary because its not one you see often but trust me it works. If your not into such bold hues, in lieu of a royal purple or bright yellow, try lilac and buttercup like I did below.

I hope these tips on complimentary colors have helped. When in doubt, remember opposites attract. Using the color wheel is a great way to start experimenting with new color combinations and is also super simple. Drop a comment below if you will be trying new combinations this summer and which is your fave. Make sure you check me out on Instagram to see these color combos in action.

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