Pretty in Pink; Must Buys in My Favorite Color

It’s no secret that I love color. Any scroll through my instagram feed will hint at that fact. Although I pretty much don’t shy away from any color;my absolute fave is pink. I walked down the aisle in a blush tulle dress, and even put bold magenta accents throughout my home like my Kitchenaid mixer and favorite accent chair. Most recently I fell in love with this fuchsia babydoll dress from Zara. I’m sure I am not alone and many of you share my infatuation with the color pink. This is why I decided to highlight some of my favorite pieces to buy right now in this coveted hue.

I know it is so cliche for girls to love pink, but I just can’t help it. It is a feminine yet fun and flirty color. It is often associated with little girls attire but has definitely become a staple for many women. It can transition from girly and prissy to sophisticated and chic. The variation in aesthetic usually involves the shade of pink you choose. The hues range from blush to fuchsia to raspberry to magenta. The key is to find which one speak to your personality as well as compliments your skin tone.

Items under $50

Blazers and Tops

Shoes and Accessories

If you are not normally a pink girl and trying to venture into this new color territory, start slow. Start with a small dose like a cami or simple blouse underneath a blazer or paired with a neutral pant. You can also try adding it as an accent with a shoe or bag. If you’re like me or want to be more courageous, why not opt for a full pink suit or a pink monochromatic look. You will definitely turn heads with your look.

Items Over $100


Shoes and Accessories

Pink is an underrated color when it comes to pairings. many think because it can sometimes be somewhat of a statement that you have to play it safe. I’m here to debunk this myth. Pink looks great with so many other colors, so you have several options to pair with it besides black or white. Here are a few of my favorite pink color pairings

Blush and Merlot

Blush and Camel

Raspberry and Cobat Blue

Fuschia and Navy

Salmon and Chocolate Brown

Pink and Emerald green

Bubblegum Pink and Sunshine Yellow

Blush and Hunter Green

I hope this little pink guide has helped you continue to manifest your pink dreams. And if you weren’t a fan before i hope I may have converted you to be a pink believer. Try to incorporate a small dose of pink into your wardrobe and see where it takes you. As always please share if you incorporate any of these tips by dropping a comment below!



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