With the nationwide quarantine going on right now, there’s a good chance we may not get to frolic the streets to enjoy what’s left of spring florals and weather. It’s looking more like we’ll be making a debut in the upcoming summer months. I’m sure many of you, like me, have been cringing to buy something and take advantage of all the great sales going on right now. But you also want to make sure you’re purchasing things that you’ll be able to actually wear before this year is up. Thats why I’m rounding up my picks for what you can purchase now that will be perfect for summer. Check out my checklist below of summer essentials.

Denim Shorts

This is definitely a summer staple in my book. There’s such a range within denim from daisy dukes to bermuda, white to colored. My favorite length of choice usually airs on the side of shorter; I tend to stay away from longer because I am fairly short. However, whatever length you fancy, there are some cute styles out there. A denim short is so versatile and can be worn with literally anything. If purchased now, you can wear them by styling them with tights underneath (like I’ve done with mine). This allows them to be transitional to wear now while its cooler. Then once we’re free to rome the streets again, you can pull them out to enjoy summer. I’ve rounded up some great picks below.


Dresses are another summer staple that tops my list each year. You can go casual with long maxi dresses or bare some leg with a mini. I love bright colors and patterns to match the sunny weather. You can never really go wrong with a dress because it’s a one stop shop. Just grab a complimenting shoe and purse and you’re set. Right now I am loving baby doll styles and looser fitting styles. I don’t prefer anything to tight for summer months; but lightweight easy fabrics like cotton and linen. Here are some dresses that will be perfect this summer!


Who doesn’t have sandals on their list every year? This should be on everyone’s list. Most of the time you will need to re-up because you have run down your favorite pairs from the year before. Or you could just want to update your collection with the latest trendy styles. Now this can be a very broad category so here are my top silhouettes for summer.

1. Square Toe– This trend has been around for a while but it will continue to be popular this summer. I love this style because it adds a modern, chic feel to any outfit. Bottega Veneta popularized this shape with their fabulous collection, but the market has soon caught on. Check out some of my favorites below.

2. Strappy– A good strappy shoe can go with anything from denim to a evening gown. If you’re new to this style maybe opt for a summer neutral like white or metallic gold. If you want to have some fun, I’m loving colors like bright blue, fuschia and orange.

3. Dad Sandal– Now this trend is controversial but I’ve been a fan since before they were popular. Some will think they are too clunky or not feminine enough, but in my opinion they are a great summer staple for outdoor activities. My only rule would be to go with a pair with some feminine flair to glam up the dad factor. Chanel has a few gorgeous styles out right now. But there are also some more affordable options just as good. Will you be adding a pair to your list?

I hope this little checklist will help you get ready for summer. These summer staples should definitely help you filling in the holes of your wardrobe summer. As always if you need more help, check out my personal styling services here. Happy shopping and stay safe!



  1. Kawana Coy
    July 13, 2020 / 12:34 pm

    I wish that id been following you sooner!!!
    Summers almost over and I missed a few of these Wonderful Summer Staples!!
    Great read..

    • angela1983
      July 15, 2020 / 1:22 pm

      Awe so sweet of you Kawana. theres still a bit of summer left so you can definitely snag some of these staples.


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