Valentine’s Day is less than two weeks away and many of you may be scrambling with ideas of what to get your special someone. Now I do believe that showing someone you love or care should not just be reserved for one day, but let’s be honest; life gets busy and we sometimes miss opportunities to show those close to us that we care. Well I’m here to help you out. I’m spreading the love with some of my favorite items I personally use along with some new items with rave reviews. I have ideas you can send your significant other that will melt their heart; your girlfriends for Galentine’s day or to sweeten your little ones day. The best part is they all are ringing in at under $50; so you can show love without breaking the bank.

Sincerely Yours;

A lot of times men have no clue what to get us women for Valentine’s day, or any holiday for that matter. If your a flower or chocolates person, than the cliche gift will suffice, but it’s always nice when your significant other puts a little thought into it. There are a plethora of lovely gift ideas other than the surprise chocolate box. Lingerie is always a nice idea, but doesn’t mean it always has to be the super silky and satin. I love when you get comfort as well as sexy. My favorite brand for undergarments is Hanky Panky. They are super comfortable, and available in an array of color and patterns. They can be considered somewhat pricey for undergarments, but they are well worth it. Another gift I feel appropriate for Valentine’s day; or for any occasion, are candles. They are not as personal, so are a bit safer and noninvasive choice if you haven’t been dating someonefor long. Voluspa is my absolute favorite brand of candles. They have unique and rich scents, without being overpowering. I have literally every scent. The packaging is also very chic and luxurious which makes for a great presentation when gifting. Check out these and more of my pics below.

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Galentine’s; Be Mine

In recent years you’ve probably heard the term Galentine’s Day more frequently. This day falls one day before Valentine’s day on the 13th of February. It is coined as a day for ladies to celebrate their best girlfriends or female friendships. Needless to say, this was a smart and ultra marketable way to target those single ladies who cringed every time Valentines day comes around. I actually love the idea, as love doesn’t just have to be Eros in nature, meaning romantic love. There are so many of my friends who I love and purchase for during this time. I usually opt for something that I know most of us ladies love; makeup,chocolate and cozy essentials. Check out some great options below.

Kid; You’re Loved

Like I mentioned above, Valentine’s day does not just have to be a romantic holiday. I have two kids who I love to pieces and I’m always looking for ways to show them I’m thinking about them. The great thing is it doesn’t take much money to make kids happy. One way I like to celebrate my kiddies is by making their favorite meals; usually breakfast. This is the time were usually all together and I can be creative. I came across this waffle iron on Amazon that makes waffles in the shape of a heart. I think this is such a cute idea to make kids breakfast on Valentine’s day. I plan to compliment the heart shaped waffles with strawberries (since they resemble hearts when cut in half). Going along with the food theme, sweet treats are always a win in my book. You can find many specialized themed treats in places like Homegoods or candy shops like Lolli and Pops; who have candies from all over the world. If you are more of a crafty person, then card making kits are a great way to avoid the sugar rush, but get them active in making things for the people they love. Check out some ideas below.

However you choose to celebrate Valentine’s or Galentine’s day this year, I hope this guide has helped to get your love wheels turning. With so many recent events reminding us lately of how precious life is, we must take every opportunity to express our love to one another. Whether verbally, physically or through purchasing a gift, I hope you are showing those you care about much love!

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