Why Every Woman Needs a Pair of White Boots

I know you’ve probably heard more times than once, make sure you have a black boot in your closet. Black, especially when it comes to fashion, has always been the color considered a staple to have. Well I’m here to tell you, white is the new black! There is definitely a place for a black in every closet but white has definitely become the shining star these past few years; especially when it comes to the latest footwear. The white boot, which was once reserved for gogo dancers, has definitely evolved into a chic fashion girl staple. And with boot season upon us, having a white pair amongst your collection is a must for every woman.

There’s just something about white that just reads exudes so many great fashion characteristics. It’s clean, minimal, posh, neutral, rich and ever so chic. Personally, I prefer white over black any day. From an all white monochromatic look to just a pop with a handbag or boot, either always wins me over. Adding a white boot to your shoe collection will be the smartest thing you’ve done for your wardrobe yet.

There are so many directions to go when considering which to chose. I know some may be weary of a stark white, in that case opt for cream. A stark white will give a more high fashion, runway look. If you prefer more of an off white/creamy tone it will give a softer and warmer appeal, great for monochromatic looks where you want varying tones.

The number one reason every woman needs a white boot is it really does match everything. Unlike black, the lack of color of the color really lends itself to every other color. What a tongue twister.White is only color that can be mixed successfully with any other color. The great news for you, you can literally be wearing any color and a white boot or shoe will match. This makes it super simple to get dressed. The only factor you need to be concerned with is picking the right style to compliment your outfit.

There’s really no wrong way to go when considering which to purchase. There are over the knee boots, knee boots and the oh so trendy combat boot. All are great styles that will serve different purposes.

Over the Knee: High fashion look; Pair with mini dresses, oversized sweaters with leggings, faux leather shorts.

Knee Boot: Exudes a classy, elegance. Pair with sweater dresses or midi dresses.

Ankle Boots: Great for any length of pant or dress.

Combat Boot: Perfect to add a cool, edgy vibe. Pair with skater, babydoll or mini sweater dresses with tights. For a more casual vibe pair with your favorite pair of jeans or leather trousers.

So will you be adding a white boot to your collection this season? The white boot has quickly become more than just a trend. Seen on runways alike and amongst your favorite street style mavens, it’s definitely a must. Comment below if you already own a pair or what style you plan to add to your collection.

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