Why you need a Summer Suit

I know what you’re thinking; a suit in the summer. the temps are rising and you want me to put on more layers? Lol. But I must say, there’s nothing more chic than a summer suit. A summer suit is chic, stylish and can be versatile even during the summer months. All it takes is a few styling tips to rock your suit all summer.

Light Neutral Colors

One of the keys to looking appropriate in a suit in the summer is to make sure you are wearing the right colors. Don’t go for anything too dark; stick to light neutral colors. This will not only keep you looking season appropriate, but lighter colors attract less heat. Lighter neutral colors like whites, creams, nudes, khakis are perfect for a cool fresh look. If you’re not into neutrals too much, try some fun brighter colors like lilac, green or orange. These also work well for warmer temps; be sure to pair it with lighter complimentary colors and youre good to go.

Opt for lighter Fabrics

Wearing a suit in the summer will heavily weigh on the fabric you choose. It’s not quite smart to go for a wool gaberdine or heavier fabric for your suit of choice. Think about cottons and linens when your’e checking out options. Fabrics like these draw heat away from the skin and won’t weigh you down. This will create an effortless, chic and unfussy vibe. This is the vibe you want when rocking a summer suit. Something too tailored and crisp will definitely work, but a more oversized fit will give the cool vibes you want.

Select the Proper Footwear

Wearing a suit in the summer requires special styling to pull it off. One of these tips include selecting the right footwear. In this case you don’t want to appear like you’re going straight to the office; so avoid too classic of a style like a pump. Here are a few suggestions to rock with you’re suit

1) Barely there heel: This style (what I’m wearing) keeps the look from looking to heavy and weighed down by allowing your bare skin to peek through. Not to mention it is summer, so a thick strappy sandal is what you need.

2) Dad sandal: A dad sandal creates a cool laid back vibe that exudes effortless cool. Select according to the fabric of suit, for example a linen suit would pair well with a raft or jute fabric.

2) Sneakers: This also gives a laidback vibe but definitely more casual. This style is great for running errands and when you want to look polished but also be super comfy. Just make sure your sneaker still has a polished, overall feel to it.

Wearing a suit in summer, doesn’t mean you will be too hot. Remember you can always rock the trousers and blazer separately. Another great aspect is lots of times summer nights tend to cool down quite bit. Therefore drape your blazer or keep it handy during the day and put on at night when the weather drops.

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