Why You Need to Start Wearing Mini Dresses this Year

I have always considered myself to be somewhat of a conservative dresser. I take risks with bold colors, patterns, even fabric and textures, but length has always remained a safe space. I always felt like wearing something too short was too risqué and that I would be showing more of my derieire than my dress if I gave it a try. Well no more ladies. Mini dresses can be classy, sophisticated and can be worn at any age. I have turned over a new leaf, and think you should too. Here are a few pointers to achieving new heights; in dresses that is!

Opt for a Pattern;

If you’re a little apprehensive about branching out into a mini dress, start with a pattern. Wearing a pattern will distract from the length of your dress. It keeps the focus on the beauty of the garment and the length becomes secondary. A mini dress in a pattern can add a less serious approach for a more playful take. But if you want to exude the sexy try a bold jewel tone or black in a rich fabric like velvet or silk.

Wear with Proportionate Footwear

With most items, styling is all about balance. If you’re wearing an oversized top, balance it on the bottom with something slimmer. If you’re wearing a full skirt, balance the top with something more fitted. The same goes with a minidress. Because it is already baring a lot of leg, you want to balance it with the right shoe to keep it looking classy. Opt for a lower heel or even a flat combat boot for an edgy juxtaposition. It you want to wear a heel, try a platform or one with a chunkier heel instead of a stiletto. A lower heel will also work. When wearing a mini dress you always want to keep it looking sophisticated so shoe choice is important.

Give Ruching A Try

Because a mini dress will already be on the shorter side, try a style with ruching or layers. The last thing you want when wearing a dress that is fairly on the shorter side, is the ever loathed rising up. A ruched style not only creates dimension but works for various issues such as creating the illusion of more curves, or disguising a belly.

Just Because Life is Short

If 2020 has taught us nothing else, it’s that life is short. In other words; Wear the dress Sis! Sometimes we care too much what people think and how we will be perceived. I’m a firm believer in doing what makes you happy; regardless of what others think. Don’t worry if people will say she’s too old to wear that or she’s too tall, too pudgy, and all of the above. The list could go on and on. The reality is most people who are saying these things are insecure and afraid to wear it themselves. Now remember to wear within reason, considering your body type and still keeping it classy. But if you want to wear a minidress, I’m here for it.

So are you here for mini dresses this season or nah. I hope you may consider it as they can be chic, sexy and classy all one in the same. Let me know if you love the mini dress or if you will be trying it out this year.

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