5 Tips to Rock Denim on Denim

We all love a good denim look. Let’s face it. Dungarees, jeans, denim; whatever you call them; they’ve become a basic in our wardrobes. It has become an easy go to to throw on with just about anything. Well maybe not anything. As cool a it is, many people are hesitant to pair denim with denim in order not to look like they took a page from an early 90s celebrity. We all remember Justin and Brittney’s matching ensembles. Despite popular belief, denim on denim can actually be very cool and fashion forward; keeping a few dos and don’ts in mind. What is otherwise know as the Canadian Tuxedo and what use to be a fashion don’t, for those who clearly aren’t “it gworls” can be fashionable, and oh so chic.


Don’t Try to match your Denim

There’s no reason for you to scour your jean collection trying to match each wash to a tee. Mix it up. Pair black jeans with chambray. You could pair white with chambray. Dark denim bottoms and a light wash top is always a chic vibe. The key is not to think too much on them matching. Mismatching is the key to keeping it modern and fresh.

Avoid Western Accessories

I don’t know about you but double denim always makes one think of the Wild Wild West. Denim is an all American classic, and what’s more American than a cowboy. Well in this instance you don’t want to look like one. Avoid large buckle belts or those ornate buckles, cowboyesque hats and or cowboy boots. You want to keep your accessories sleek and chic. Opt for classic styles in bags and shoes to create a modern juxtaposition with the denim,.

Opt for Patterns or Interesting Shapes

Because the double denim trend can easily straddle the line for a no go, you want to keep it fresh. Mixing in a pattern or a unique shape really can give your denim a fresh take. I opted for a patchwork flare style to keep my look interesting. There are so many cool designs out right now that definitely give off denim showstopper. If this is not something you’re sold on, remember to check out fast fashion stores and online sites so you can invest little money to try out the trend.

Add a layer

Layering with your all denim look is always a chic option. Think a turtleneck underneath a denim jacket buttoned up. Or a white tee layered under a chambray shirt. The extra layer just adds a bit of pinosh and polish to what other wise is considered a very casual outfit.

Wear a Onepiece

If you nervous about being able to match up a cool denim outfit with separates, try a one piece. There are lots of cool jumpsuits and boiler suits that make it super simple to look effortless. There is even a one piece jean and boot combo out by YSL that Ciara so effortlessly pulled off. Give me her legs and roughly $3000 and I would be rocking them in a heartbeat. Try this option with your favorite sneaker or barely there heel; trust me it’s a vibe.

So as you can see, double denim is trending and for good reason. It is no longer a fashion faux paus but an easy way to look like a fashion icon with this everyday staple. So what say you? Is denim on denim something you would try? Let me know in the comments.

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