Review Of the Gucci GG Pattern Tights

Growing up my mom couldn’t pay me to wear tights. I dreaded every Sunday when I knew I would have to put a pair on with my church outfit. I always hated the annoying feeling of a sagging crotch and the uncomfortable excess fabric that always collected at the toe seam of the foot. Over time, of course I had to learn to live with them as not to freeze my thighs off in less than favorable weather. In doing this I became a girl who only preferred black opaque tights; as I very much loathed the skin/flesh tone thin tights that you purchased from your local pharmacy or corner store. It seemed that no matter what size you purchased you had to stretch them to fit and somehow always ended up with a “train track” run in them after just a few hours, if not minutes.

Well the hosiery game has certainly come a long way since my adolescent days getting ready for church on Sundays. I have grown to appreciate them even more and have even started to venture into the luxury tights arena. But luxury tights can come at a pretty hefty price tag and many people wonder if they are worth the hype. Since I have purchased two pairs recently I thought I would give an opinion on whether they’re worth the splurge. Here’s my review of my most recent purchase the Gucci GG pattern tights.



These particular Gucci pattern tights I have been eyeing for a while. I loved the pattern and thought it would be a fun yet functional way to jazz up an outfit. However these particular ones are a bit pricier than others coming in at $350 US dollars. I do feel like they are a bit pricier for something more limiting, but I figure you’re paying for the legendary GG house logo. In that sense I feel the price is worth it. But when considering price in terms of price per wear (PPW) it can be debatable. I don’t find them to be as versatile as my black GG logo tights so I hardly get to wear them. I also feel that the brown pattern makes it hard to wear with black so you are limited to certain colors that will compliment the pattern the best like creams, olives, browns and orange tones. So if you’re a person who loves to wear black, these may not be the choice for you.

But if you are looking for a statement tight then the price will totally be justified. They are definitely a showstopper and can definitely make an outfit. So if you’re okay with pulling them out for a cameo here and there; then these tights are it. Make sure to keep in mind how often you are expecting to wear them before splurging on these.


I do feel that the quality is pretty good considering the fashion house who made them. However they are pretty thin and delicate. The material is 95% polyamide and %5 elastane. I’m not sure that because there is minimal elastane that they are not as soft as I would imagine. These particular ones don’t feel as soft as I was expecting, and are definitely not a very stretchy stocking as I normally prefer. I was very careful with putting them on because they are so delicate. And let me tell, you being afraid you’re going poke a hole into your $350 pair of tights with your fingernail, causes much anxiety. I have yet to wear them for an extended period of time, so I will update this post about the lasting wear over time.


Now the sizing on these are pretty inaccurate in my opinion. As most European brands run small, I felt these were extremely small. I have a size medium in my other style of Gucci tights, however those have 20 percent elastane versus only 5 percent in this pattern style. They are definitely not a super stretchy stocking so I was afraid to pull and stretch them too much as not to rip them. For that reason I suggest going up one more than your normal size, especially if you are curvy. I am only 5″1 so not tall at all, but curvy, and I feel that the medium is a bit too small for me in this style. The damper about these is that you can’t exchange hosiery at the Gucci store. For that reason I would suggest maybe purchasing from a third party that may have a different return policy unless you are absolutely sure of your size.

So with those points being stated, overall, I think the GG pattern tights are totally worth the price if you want a pair of statement tights to take your look to the next level. If you want a more wearable style I would opt for the black or white GG logo tights. I have worn them several times over the past 2 years and have no complaints; so I’ve certainly gotten my cost per wear. If you are not a fan of Gucci, there are lots of other designer tights out there to consider. my opinion would be to start with a neutral pair like black or a color that will work seamlessly with your wardrobe. Slowly but surely I will be adding a few of those to my fashion rotation so stay tuned for reviews on those. I will list a few of my favorites below. Let me know your thoughts on these tights or other luxury hosiery you have tried below.


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