Mini Skirts Are on the Rise This Spring

There’s no question that Spring is here. We’re starting to see pops of color blooming and new trends on the rise. The weather is breaking and people can’t wait to get outside to sport all of the new Spring fashions and trends. And as the temperatures are rising, so are the hemlines. Mini skirts are all the rage right now. Many are adopting the shorter hemlines seen on many runways of our favorite designers, and I’m here for it.

I was never a huge fan of mini skirts, especially in my adult years; as I always thought I couldn’t pull it off. I always thought of mini skirts as a silhouette and style for a younger woman. The thought of it always seemed so juvenile to me. I always steered away because of my curvier bottom half, which I didn’t think was always flattering. However, my thoughts on the subject have drastically changed as I’ve seen so many fashionable ladies pull it off effortlessly. Here are a few tips I go by to pull off the mini skirt trend.


Pair with a Blazer:

A blazer definitely makes any outfit more polished. I think adding a blazer to a miniskirt elevates the look and provides the polish needed for a sophisticated vibe. The two styles of blazers I recommend are the longer boyfriend style or cropped version. The cropped style works so well for a prim and proper or minimalist vibe. The longer boyfriend style should stop right at the hem of the mini skirt to keep it modern and fresh. Which ever you choose, make sure the blazer is not too tight. You want the overall look to be modern and not like you’re heading to an office job in the 80s.

Don’t Wear the Skirt too Tight

Because the mini skirt is already pushing the hemline limits, you want to make sure you keep it sophisticated. The name of the game is balance. Think the shorter the looser; the longer the more fitted. Wearing something both short and fitted can sometimes read a little tacky. If it’s too tight it can bunch and start to show more than a little leg. I always opt for a size up in a mini skirt just to avoid any indecent exposure and to keep the overall look tasteful.

Choose a Fun Color

I think the fun in wearing a mini skirt is not to take it too seriously. Of course choosing a style in black or khaki will be perfectly fine, but this Spring it’s all about the vibrant colors. Choose a bold color and pair with another bold, bright color for a fresh take. This trend was all over the runways and haS been permeating the Instagram algorithm. If you’re looking for a few to try out, Zara has some great colors in mini skirts at a great price.

I hope these tips have helped and maybe has gotten you to consider sporting the shorter hemline this Spring. There are so many great options out there and it makes for a fun and fashionable look. Let me know your take on the mini in the comments. Will you be raising the stakes or lowering the length this Spring season?



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