Bright Bold Suits for Spring

Bright and bold colors are definitely trending for Spring; but so are suits. Suits are here in a major way and I’m not talking the usual boring office suits. Gone are the days of the lifeless, colorless suits we’ve come to know. Whether tailored or an oversized boyfriend style; this Spring, you must invest in a bright colorful suit.

Runways, bloggers and influencers alike have caught on to this colorful trend. Suits have always been a sophisticated way to show up to any occasion. Adding the bonus of a bright hue just takes it to a whole other level. The great thing about this trend is that there’s no wrong color. So many colors from pink to yellow, shades of green and blues to purple. The only requirements are for it to be bright and bold!

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Another factor that makes this such a great trend to jump on is its’ versatility. With a great suit, the options on endless on how to style it. Wear the blazer and trousers paired together with your favorite bodysuit or go bare underneath with great necklace. You can also wear the trousers and blazer separately. Pair the blazer with your favorite pair of jeans or pair a fun patterned blouse with the pant. If you have multiple bright suits you’ve purchased, here’s another way to wear them. Mix and match your separates from each suit with each other to comprise a fun colorblock moment. Check out some of my favorite suits below.

Warm Tones:

Cool Tones:

However you choose to play up your suit is totally up to your individual personality. This Spring, there are so many fun trends to try out, but if you don’t try any others; please invest in a suit. You will instantly look polished and pulled together; not to mention vibrant and appropriate for the Season. So what do you think of Suits for Spring? Are you a fan? Drop a comment below!



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