All the Shows I’ve Binged on Netflix Recently

So like many others, I am still a little skeptical about venturing outdoors, and have been a complete homebody. But I may as well face it; I was a homebody even before the pandemic forced us inside. My idea of a fun night has always included a good movie, good food and good company. Sometimes that company is just me. But any who, I have gotten to watch a lot of great series and movies over the past month or so because of it. If you’re looking for some good picks to binge on Netflix, here’s what I have been watching.

I Care A Lot-

This movie was interesting to say the least. The plot alone had me hooked. The unique plot of a woman (Rosamund Pike) who cons elderly people out of their money was intriguing; yet also troublesome. I repeatedly thought throughout the film, does this really happen in real life. It did have a few slow moments, and a moment where the plot seemed to do a 180 towards the middle, but overall a great watch.

Ginny and Georgia

This was my most recent watch and well deserving of its top 10 spot on Netflix for several weeks. A quirky lighthearted drama about a single mom and her two kids who move to a new town. We get to see both sides of a teenagers struggle who is biracial, where her daily struggles of identity are depicted beautifully. Her mom also adds a great mystery that is hard to put your finger on. You will constantly reform your opinion about her as she so graciously connives those round her with her southern charm. Her energy in the show is light, witty and adds depth to the show. I thoroughly enjoyed taking a peek into this world, as its totally different from my growing up. Now I’m patiently awaiting Season 2.

Behind Her Eyes

Now this one I watched the trailer because I ket seeing it debut at number one for so long. I was discouraged by the trailer because it seemed kind of boring. well after I kept hearing how good it was, I decided to give it a gander. Boy was I wrong. This has been my favorite series I’ve watched this far. It starts off a little slow, but once you get through the first episode, the build up begins. It’s mystery, drama and light suspense wrapped in one. I don’t want to spoil it, but the ending…. I mean. Can you say jaw drop! You just have to watch it for yourself. But you definitely won’t be disappointed with this one.


Now I for one love a good mystery. It can be murder mystery or anything criminal where there’s a pursuit of someone or finding out the truth. This limited series explored two female detectives trying to find a serial rapist, while simultaneously depicting the stories of some of the victims. If you like suspense and dramas where there’s a race to see who did it and why, then you will enjoy this series.

Yes Day

Now I know I’ve given you a plethora of crime and murder mystery, which this pick is on the far opposite end. But I do have 2 kids; so great family movie options for movie night are a must. This lighthearted film with Jennifer Garner follows this family on a full day of activities where the parents have to say YES to everything they asked or wanted to do. As a mom I could relate, being looked at as the bad guy for saying no a lot. It was a fun, humorous film that still managed to depict a great message at the end.

I hope this post has given you some great options the next time you’re in a binging mood. I thoroughly enjoyed them all and as always, looking for more suggestions. Drop a comment below on shows and movies you’ve enjoyed on Netflix recently!

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