Ideas to Create a Beautiful Easter Tablescape

Spring is here and Easter is just one week away. Its the perfect time to switch up your decor in the house with a fun spring color palette. While your sprucing things up, don’t forget adorning a seasonal table scape. Whether you’re entertaining guests or simply for pure aesthetics, setting a beautiful table is a great way to set the mood in your home. Wow your guests or just yourself with a gorgeous table setting filled with all the elements of Spring. I’ve put together a few ideas to inspire you when creating your own Easter tablescape.

Choose Bright Spring Colors

Spring is definitely know for its pastel color palette, and what better way to bring those colors in than with your table. Now this isn’t to say that a neutral or all white table won’t look stunning, but there’s just something about pastel colors that just say Spring and cheer. Play around with colors to choose a palette for your table; the rule of three is a good one to follow here. Choose three colors that will be the foundation for your tablescape. This helps with keeping everything grounded and helpful when trying to stay consistent with a theme.

My three colors were buttercup, teal and lilac. I wanted something kid friendly, mixed with a settle elegance. There are so many great spring colors to choose from, so choose ones that speak to you. Consider tones like peach, blush, tangerine, mint, powder blue, etc. Your colors are what sets the tone for the overall feel of your tablescape so make sure you consider the mood and formality of your event.

Experiment with your Accessories

We all know that we can walk into any home goods store and find Easter themed decor. There’s certainly no lack of Bunny figurines or easter eggs to choose from. These are all fine and dandy, but always try to make sure you have a not so predictable item on your tablescape. I included a theme appropriate faux grass bunny and ceramic bunny to hold the metallic eggs which I found at Homegoods, however, I tried to be creative with a few other elements.

I used a white basket weave cookie jar as a vase to bring in more texture than a simple clear vase.

To add a more natural element to the table I opted for tan chargers that had a settle metallic threading. Because I didn’t want it to be as formal as my table last year, I thought this added a casual yet sophisticated feel to my white charger.

I used silicone wine glasses. Now this was so different for me. I am usually the high glam girl so choosing something the complete opposite was a struggle for me. But in the end I couldn’t have been more in love. I have never seen silicone wine glasses, so I just had to purchase them when I spotted them in Marshalls. Not only are they economical because they won’t break, but the sorbet colors added just the right amount of fun and kid friendly whimsy I wanted to achieve.

My favorite touch was the fresh romaine lettuce I used as a way to display the flatware, secured by a little bunny napkin ring. I wanted to add some whimsy and natural elements and what better way to do it than with the choice food for bunny rabbits. Another greta idea would have been to use fresh carrots in a vase as a centerpiece. The idea here is to not be afraid to think outside of the box and be unconventional, which in turn creates a wow factor for your guests.

Add Candles

Candles are always a great decor element, even if they are not lit. They can invoke several different moods. For evening it can present a sexy feel or in the daytime can present an intimate elegant affair. Either way, candles are a must for a great tablescape. As I mentioned, you can use them to set the mood even if you don’t choose to light them. Think about adding fun colors or varying heights to create depth and give a wow factor. Because my table scape is a little more whimsical and kid friendly, I choose some pretty jarred candles in sorbet colors to match the surrounding decor. The key is to consider the feeling that you want to convey and choose your candles appropriately.

Add Fresh Florals

Florals for Spring; groundbreaking” We all remember this famous quote by Miranda Kerr in “The Devil Wears Prada” movie. Well, it may be cliche but for this occasion it is so true. Florals just read Spring, and are indeed groundbreaking. They are the perfect way to add warmth and interest to your tablescape. If you ever feel like your table is missing that umph, a few floral arrangements can be just the ticket. The best part is that you don’t have to be a florist to make a stunning arrangement. Just pick a few of your favorite stems in varying types, cut and arrange them to your liking.

There are so many season appropriate colors and types that will add just the finishing touch to your design. Consider your color palette and go from there. If you are doing a more natural or neutral setting, consider using lots of whites or pinks and greenery. If you are all about the color like me, try some bright florals to add extra spunk.

I settled on fun bright yellow tulips; the official easter flower; and mixed in other colorful spring flowers to compliment everything. Because I went with simple white china, I wanted the flowers to really do the talking and bring some extra character to the final design.

I hope these ideas have inspired you to adorn your dining table this year. Whether for actual dining on or just for pure aesthetics, a beautiful tablescape is the perfect way to invoke the season of Spring. Let me know if you try any of these tips and if you decorate your table for Easter. Thanks for reading and I hope you have a safe and wonderful holiday!

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